by Kelsey Sucher

Have you ever thought about your why? It is reason you get out of bed each morning, the basis of your most important decisions, and the path to maximize your personal happiness.

I discovered mine a couple years ago, and it has completely changed the way I do things, and ultimately has led me to a company which I believe has a similar why: AMEND.

1. I must exist outside my comfort zone. The times in my life when I experienced the most explosive, radical change in myself, learned the most, and felt the most accomplished were the times when I pushed myself further than I was necessarily comfortable with.

2. I’m not here to get an A. I would much rather be learning and gaining a deep understanding of a concept than memorizing all the right answers on a test, checking all the boxes, and doing everything perfectly.

3. I want to make a difference. I need to know that I am using my skills to better other people’s lives.

These are my why. These are the reasons why I dive headfirst into everything I do—why when I made the switch to business after freshman year, I went ahead and jumped in to the top business honors program at UC. Why when I’m in an organization, I want to be part of the top leadership. Why when my advisor told me about AMEND, I knew I needed to work there.

AMEND is different. It’s a place where I’ll be able to not only to get out of my comfort zone, but to expand it. As an analyst, I’ll be given responsibilities I had never even dreamed of receiving at other companies. It’s impossible to be complacent when you are in a place as dynamic as AMEND, on client sites, constantly learning new strategies and becoming a better employee and person.

AMEND isn’t a place where you can easily check all the boxes, hypothetically “get an A,” and go home early every day—it’s so much better than that.

It’s a place where I will learn and grow and ignite real change through my work.

Will I make mistakes? Probably. Do I love the idea of that? No, but I know that it’ll be okay, because I’ll be gaining real experiences and real knowledge. And through this, I’ll be making a difference with our clients and, ultimately, leaving them better off than when I arrived. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling.

At AMEND, I’ll get to learn more, do more, and grow more.

Why AMEND? Because I am ready be tossed out of my comfort zone and into a whole new way of thinking. Because I know that I will gain more knowledge than I would anywhere else. Because I can’t wait to change lives and transform businesses.