Profit or perish… There are only two ways to make money: increase sales and decrease costs.
Fred DeLuca


Increasing profit. This is exactly why we’re excited to announce our partnership with SalesCORE, the leading sales consulting firm in the region.

“We are committed to Building Unbeatable Businesses. You can’t be unbeatable if you’re not making a profit. And, as Fred DeLuca so perfectly points out, there are two ways to make this happen – sell more and stay lean. We’ve been helping companies create endless internal competitive advantages by driving strategic alignment and action, optimizing operations, and building cultures that attract and retain top talent for over a decade. That’s where we’ve had to stop…until now.” – Craig Todd, CEO, AMEND Consulting


Sales are to businesses like oxygen is to humans.   (Inc. Magazine)

Strong internal performance doesn’t always drive an increase in profit. Strong external performance doesn’t always drive an increase in profit. Our clients often need improvements in BOTH areas to deliver the growth and profit they want.

Our partnership with SalesCORE fills our last gap – sales performance improvement. Now we have the ability to confidently cover all profit-impacting areas for our clients.

“We have to stay out in front of our clients. We must have the solutions they need 6 months from now…2 years from now…5 years from now. We have to be out in front to keep them out in front. We figured this out pretty early on and have dedicated efforts to ensure this happens consistently. This approach helps us know when to create a strategic partnership (like with SalesCORE & RKCA), when to build a capability (like the investment we’ve made in business intelligence and analytics), and when to expand into entirely new territories (like AMEND Ventures).

The issues we faced in this area [sales improvement] were probably similar to the issues many of our clients face when trying to solve their own sales challenges. There are many people who claim to help solve your sales problems. When you look at what they actually do, and the results they actually achieve, however, you find there’s not much there.

Most offer training programs or seminars, a few add coaching to this mix… These approaches come up short 99.9% of the time – making them something we won’t offer to our clients. We had to have a solution that consistently delivered measurable results at the same high level of our other services. That solution is SalesCORE.” – Bobby Smyth, Partner & President, AMEND Consulting.

SalesCORE Is The Perfect Fit

“Measurable. Reliable. Proven. It’s how we’d run sales improvement efforts if we built the solution ourselves.” said Smyth. “That’s why we partnered with Pam and her team. It enabled us to start offering effective solutions to our clients immediately.”

SaleCORE delivers customized sales strategies that maximize sales performance. They work in the real world in real time to deliver real results. Their approach integrates all the elements of sales:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Standards
  • Staffing


AMEND + SalesCORE – The Ultimate 1-2 Profit Punch For Our Clients

“We often discover there are many internal forces that impact a sales team’s ability to succeed,” said Pam Beigh, SalesCORE Founder and CEO. “When sales and operations are not aligned in a business, you put a huge obstacle in front of your team.”

We’re committed to removing these obstacles so you can more sell more, spend less, and make more money.

“I’m excited for our clients. Sales almost always comes up as a problem area and we’ve never had a strong solution. Now we do. Our clients have immediate access to the knowledge and experts they need to improve their sales performance and build into their sales teams.” said Todd. “Our clients now have all they need to be [virtually] unstoppable.”


Ready to start improving your sales performance? JOIN US as Pam and her team help us explore The New Sales Frontier and The Power of Engagement.


“This presentation is the one to see. Pam Beigh and her SalesCORE staff are the experts who are constantly abreast of sales changes” – Steve Hater, Membership Director, The Goering Center


This interactive, 90-minute program allows you to:

  • Identify what engagement looks like to the customer from all levels of your organization.
  • Understand the new sales mentality and how to identify it in sales talent.
  • Engage this new type of sales talent to win business consistently.
  • Gain ideas on how to level the playing field in a buyer centric marketplace.
  • Develop a timetable to allow you to start making changes now.

When: 10.26.2017 | 7:30 – 9:30 am

Where: USquare on the Loop, 225 Calhoun Street, Suite 359, Cincinnati, OH

Cost: We’re celebrating our new partnership…this one’s on us!


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