by Alaina Monroe


This week, Business Intelligence experts from AMEND Consulting taught the first ever Advanced Power BI Course at the UC Center for Business Analytics’ annual Analytics Summit. The conference took place from April 1-3 at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and hosted over 350 attendees from a wide array of companies, including P&G, Cintas, and Mitsubishi Electric. 

Geoff Marsh, Derek Sasthav, and Gabe Welp taught the 2-day Advanced Power BI course to industry practitioners who had experience using Power BI but wanted to take their skills to the next level. Marsh aimed to “educate the market on how to better use the Power BI tool for applied analytics” – ultimately enabling executives to drive better business decisions and add profit to their bottom line.

With the course being offered for the first time ever, instructors noticed a trend of increased Power BI use among attendees. 

“People had 1-2+ years of experience working in Power BI, so we were able to focus on higher level functionalities and work through unique problems from their specific businesses.”

Derek Sasthav, Senior Data Analyst

Power BI has seen massive growth in the past few years, separating itself as the leader in the business intelligence space according to Gartner. As momentum continues to build, Power BI is becoming an industry standard analytics tool – even for large enterprise businesses. 

In today’s climate, it’s critical to have a strong grasp on your data so it can be used to effectively drive decisions and drop dollars to your bottom line. 

If you want to sharpen your Power BI skills, come spend time with Geoff, Derek, and Gabe and register for AMEND’s next course offered this May!