“The thing I loved the most – and still love the most about teaching – is that you can connect with an individual or a group, and see that individual or group exceed their limits.”
Mike Krzyzewski

A good trainer is always in high demand. They are needed to initiate change, make new ideas “stick”, and ensure continuous improvement and success. Trainers – much like their protégés – constantly refine their techniques to achieve maximum benefit; that is to say, they find better ways to make you better.

Bruce Barton, a well-known American author, advertising executive, and politician, claims that there are five steps to teaching an employee: preparation, explanation, showing, observation, and supervision. Though these steps address the basic framework utilized by many trainers and coaches, many “intangibles” still exist which help differentiate good trainers and great ones.

Great trainers constantly push their trainees to reach new heights. More importantly, they drop any ego that may be holding them back and adapt their form of communication to facilitate faster learning for the trainee They model the way, instilling the discipline needed to be successful and finding ways to individually tailor universal truths to fit their trainee’s personalities. Similarly, this highly personalized communication creates a stronger bond between the trainer and the trainee. Superior trainers want to see their pupils succeed and break through the barriers that may be holding them back.

Legendary basketball icon Mike Krzyzewski exemplifies all the above traits. As each season comes and goes, “Coach K” brings in young, raw, and talented young men and transforms them not only into disciplined basketball players, but also responsible and respectful human beings. He preaches teamwork and helps player realize that in order to win, they must become selfless players willing to unite in order to achieve the each season’s lofty expectations. This same desire and drive to help others succeed is transparent in AMEND’s culture and it is what separates us and allows us to generate positive results in every single client we take on.

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These trainers and coaches that make companies so successful have many qualities and characteristics in common, but an extremely prevalent characteristic shared between all of them is their ability to see and understand their strengths & weaknesses (check out AMEND’s last blog post, The Significance of Self-Awareness).

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