by Katie Fasola

I looked up to see my dad’s widened grin. A sure sign of my loss. Seconds ago, my seven year old self had confidently held two aces in my hand, too afraid to throw them on the table in fear of defeat. My calm demeanor and sudden lack of focus had given away my excellent hand. I had let my guard down. Would I ever learn how to put all the pieces together just right to guarantee a win?

Many say winning a game of cards is all luck, but you and I both know there is strategy involved. How we decide to play the hand is our decision. Despite being dealt a bad hand, there is always the option to make the most of it and learn from your mistakes. As I matured and became older, my dad reminded me, experience is the best teacher. The poise and confidence you portray to your competitors can make or break your hand, regardless of whether or not it is a definite win.

Consulting is a lot like playing a game of cards. Every day we are dealt a new hand, a new set of tasks to complete. Going into the day, we want to leave feeling victorious. However, we cannot predict the cards we will be given each day, or the problems our clients will face. What we can do is strategize our reactions to these problems. Our reactions define our character and showcase our ability to adapt.

I chose AMEND because no matter what hand each employee is dealt, they win. The success is evident through the client relationships, the culture, the continued growth of the company – you name it, AMEND has it.

Each client at AMEND affords a new challenge. Sometimes the challenge is a simple fix, and other times it can involve long, tedious hours. Regardless of the level of difficulty, AMEND attacks each problem with the same level of tenacity. We learn from our mistakes and come back better for them.

I chose AMEND because I never know what to expect. The diversity of clients and projects provides an opportunity for me to excel in my strengths and develop in my weaknesses. Much like my dad taught me through playing cards, experience comes with time. At AMEND, I have full confidence I will learn something new every single day. I trust the team I work with to help me perform at the highest level. The culture here truly is invaluable.

At AMEND, we cannot predict the cards we will be dealt, but our competitive drive for success and determination has allowed us to transform and strengthen business in the middle market. The AMEND team approaches each obstacle with curiosity and the willingness to learn from new experiences. I am in awe at the great poise and attitude each team member brings to the table, and I am proud to work for a company that has such a strong why.

AMEND is a company like no other. The experiences and team are truly unmatched. Looking back, my seven year old self would be shocked I found somewhere I could guarantee a win. I’ve learned it is not what cards you are dealt that determine the outcome, but rather, how you play your hand.