by Leigha Kraemer


Are you confident in yourself?

Have you ever been thrown into a situation doubting yourself?

Have you ever had a group of people supporting you and trusting you to succeed in whatever roles
you are given?

My answers to these questions have changed drastically since joining AMEND.



Before joining AMEND, I worked at a large corporation completing monotonous tasks late through the night. Often when I completed my tasks early, my biggest thrill of the day was ordering my team lunch and dinner. One day while scrolling the Panera Rapid Pick-Up page, I realized that I needed a change. I wanted a meaningful engagement that challenged me and allowed me to grow not only professionally, but personally. That is how I found AMEND.


AMEND was more than just a job for me.

When I first began completing tasks at my client, I would make statements like “I don’t know if this is right, but…” and “This is probably a stupid question, but…” when talking to my project leader. One day, he gave me the feedback that I needed. He told me that I was negating my points before even stating them because I started off so doubtful of myself. He mentioned that my ideas were beneficial and I shouldn’t be afraid to share my thoughts. I realized after this experience that I wasn’t as confident in myself as I thought. I didn’t trust my ideas or think they were worthwhile.

Every team member at AMEND worked to prove to me that I had good insights and that my opinions were worth sharing. They implored me to search for confidence within myself, which had an immensely positive impact on my life.

Pushing Through Doubt

I had been both silently and verbally doubting myself. I doubted myself when I made the aforementioned comments and when I would subconsciously tell myself that I was inadequate and not suited to complete a difficult task. With the help of my team at AMEND, I was pushed to believe that I could do anything I put my mind to. They made me feel valuable and needed.

To Growth

I grew insurmountably during this period of time and wouldn’t be the person I am now without AMEND. They made me see myself through a new lens and gain twice the confidence I previously had.

Everyone at AMEND had my back. They supported me. They trusted me, endlessly. They empowered me to radiate confidence at all times and vanquish any doubt that I had. I was ready to take on new projects with a newfound energy. I was more effective with clients and made an impact on several people and places that I will never forget. AMEND first changed my life which allowed me to change others’ lives.

To Confidence

AMEND will always be more than just a job for me.

Thanks to what I’ve learned here so far – and how I’ve grown – I will continue to practice confidence in everything I do.

I know I have a group of people supporting me endlessly, so I should not have any self-doubt. I am an overall better person than I was last fall. I am a more confident person, a better professional, and a better listener and confidant. I am able to think more critically and positively change people’s lives.