“You want to have a workforce that competitors…”


Try to copy.

Are amazed by.

Can’t compete with.

We could have come up with 50 more excellent ways to complete this statement. And, none of them would have matched the standard inspired by Judy’s insights.

You want to have a workforce that competitors want to steal.
(Inspired by Judy Nygard, Leader Global Advisory & Transformation Services– Deloitte)

Wait. Why would I want my competitors to be interested in stealing my talent?

Because it would signal that your people are more than just folks who show up every day. They are critical to your success. They are a true competitive advantage.

Moving people out of the “eating away at my bottom line” category and into a top line, key strategic issue position is one of the many things today’s leaders must do to drive success.

Talent is no longer a bottom line operational or HR issue, it’s a top line issue with company-wide impact.

Talent management, leadership development, recruitment and retention are the biggest obstacles to success AND the areas where business leaders are SPENDING THE MOST MONEY. (Deloitte)

It’s real. It’s big. It can no longer be ignored or “managed.”

We must work to find better solutions, which is why we partnered with Deloitte, US Bank, and Vistage to host the Future of Leadership Summit last month. It’s also why we’re sharing everything we learned with you this month.

Every week in June we will share new ideas, tips, and insights from the conference. Exploring areas like:

  • How to use the 5 A’s of High Performing Leaders.
  • How leadership pay is structured today, and what’s right for you.
  • How one company uses volunteering as a leadership assessment tool.
  • How three best-in-class companies approach talent development.
  • How you can tell someone has reached their ceiling.
  • How the typical approach to promoting does more harm than good.

We are excited to share what we’ve learned so far with you. We are also excited to learn from you. Please share your successes, your frustrations, and your questions in the comments section (below).

If you’d rather learn about all of this over a cup of coffee, we’d love to grab a cup.

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