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AMEND is proud to call Stewart Iron Works one of our most historic clients, a true American brand with over 154 years of tradition.


Stewart Iron Works is looking for a new Vice President of Operations. Do you have what it takes to help Stewart honor their strong tradition and achieve their new mission?


A Long History. An Exciting Future.
Stewart Iron Works is the oldest (and one of the world’s largest) iron fence companies in the country.

Over the past 150 years, Stewart has gone through various stages and divisions – each bringing new challenges and growth, each helping to build our strong legacy.

Today, Stewart’s employees are proud of our past and excited about our future.

Supplying the U.S. Army with combat trucks during WWI, or beautifying and strengthening the Taft Museum, Alcatraz Island, and the Panama Canal is certainly exciting. It’s actually beyond exciting, it’s fulfilling to work on projects that make a difference and will last for generations.

And, while our history is amazing, our future is more exciting than ever! We’re on a mission to demonstrate what true handmade American quality looks like while setting the standard for the iron industry.

By upholding the values of strength, honesty, and reputation that the founders RC and Wallace Stewart set back in 1862, Stewart Iron Works is creating beautiful, custom masterpieces that grace some of our nation’s finest landmarks, residences, attractions, and parks. The tradition of metal craftsmanship continues today and is evident in the custom ironwork still produced by hand.


We’re Looking For A Strong Performer To Carry On Our Strong Traditions.
We’re looking for a new leader who is  both technical and dynamic. A person who can inspire without losing sight of the basics like safety, quality, delivery, and cost.

Our new VP of Operations must be a master decision maker who can empower his or her team to execute, while guiding dozens of daily decisions in a complex pre-fab environment. This is a great opportunity to lead a company of over 150 years of reputation and tradition.



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