“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
C.G. Jung

Have you ever led a project where your team didn’t get it? Delegated a task that didn’t get completed? Transitioned responsibility only to see the ball get dropped? It could be caused by a temporary lapse in communication or more systemic issue… but did you ever consider that you may be the one with the problem?

We at AMEND contend that better management starts with a better understanding of oneself. Our company recognizes that people should be respected and treated as individuals; this recognition defines the necessity for customized and people-focused solutions. Through the analysis of the people, processes, and metrics of your business, AMEND is able to help clients look in the mirror using intensive coaching with a unique emphasis on the individuality of your organization.

Through the right combination of tools and 1:1 instruction, AMEND is able to alleviate traditional management frustrations by helping you recognize your own tendencies and mindset. We realize that self-awareness is an individualized process of discovery and specialize in helping you select the appropriate tool at the appropriate time to assist in that process.

When faced with problems in the execution of delegated tasks, we have deployed the DISC Assessment as a way of analyzing how to best approach each stakeholder sharing in the responsibility of that task. When encountered with what people can’t do, we implement strength-based leadership through Strengths Finders to help us identify the gifts and abilities of others so that we can better leverage them in tandem with our own strengths. We don’t just process and identify the results from these assessments, we apply them. Even though the tools are standard, AMEND ensures that the implementation of each is customized to achieve maximum benefit for you and your organization. Only once we truly become in touch with ourselves can we promote the same self-discovery in our colleagues and thus generate true Operational Excellence.

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