Uncommon, yes.

But just because something is uncommon doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Black swans are out there.


AMEND Consulting is my black swan. The place I needed to find even though I wasn’t looking for it. I was looking for a job…for a place where I could add some value. What I found in AMEND, and what AMEND brought out in me is so much more than expected.


Tangible Responsibility & Real Ownership
Tangible responsibility and real ownership of projects are two characteristics that every employee wants when searching for a job. And they are both handed over on Day one at AMEND Consulting.

My first day on the job was spent at a client where I learned exactly how I could make an immediate impact by learning their business and leading a big project.

I did not have to wait to prove myself in the company, or to show anybody that I had what it takes. I was given full ownership from the very beginning and it has enabled me to truly believe in the work I am doing.


Real Ownership = High Expectations
With real ownership also comes high expectations. Consulting is a field where you have to be on your game at all times because your relationships and results are what keeps the business running.

Fortunately, a by-product of this expectation is that I am always creating value while on the job.

The days of waiting for new assignments, checking personal emails during the day, and being bored at work are well over.

I am now responsible for the success of our client’s business, and that responsibility leaves no room for activities that do not create value. I have found myself to be more productive and accomplished as a result of having real ownership over my work. 

I know that my role at AMEND is important.


Now I’m Convinced!
I started this journey thinking “I might want to be a consultant.”

Now I’m convinced it’s what I want to do for a very long time. My experience so far, being given the responsibility of generating results without having to wait to prove myself, being given ownership over my work has given me even more confidence in my choice of this profession.

It is easy to see why the work at AMEND is meaningful. You can easily measure progress on a day-to-day basis, and you watch both yourself and your clients develop and grow as leaders.


I LOVE Changing People’s Lives In Positive Ways
The solutions we create are truly changing people’s lives in a positive way, and that in itself motivates me to stay focused.

When you know that your work is meaningful and you can see the immediate impact, a job becomes less of a “job” and more of a “goal.” Achieving goals and improving lives are very fulfilling to me, which is why I feel that consulting is not only a strong career choice, but also a vehicle for continuous personal development.