Shipping More & Spending Less: A Recipe for Success

A plastics manufacturer was looking for ways to reduce growing lead times and improve on-time shipments. The company partnered with AMEND to improve scheduling, data-driven decisions, and managing downtime.

The company needed to find new ways to meet customers’ high expectations and also ensure their bottom line was kept in check. Take a look at how AMEND partnered with this company to achieve powerful, lasting results.


  • Company Overview

    • Advanced Plastics Manufacturing
    • $20+ Million Business


  • Assessing the Landscape

    • 1,000+ Product Combinations
    • 500+ Unique Customers
    • Fully Customized Production Machinery and Processes


  • Identifying Opportunity

    • High backlog
    • Long lead times
    • Decreasing on-time delivery
    • Scheduling management opportunity



Within the first three months of implementation:

50 %

Lead Time Reduction


Capacity Increase


Downtime Reduction

The Solution

Downtime Drivers Reporting

Through a combination of downtime dashboards, scheduling management enhancements, and shop floor leadership, we were able to help this manufacturer reduce lead times by 50% for certain products, add roughly 10% in additional capacity (utilization from downtime improvements), and fulfill nearly30% more shipments.

Direct Impact

Our partnership led to a direct increase to bottom-line profit because the company was able to get more orders shipped using the same resources. They learned how to work smarter, not harder, and realized an immediate return in less than six months.


The AMEND Process

Understand Blind Spots

Determine where tribal knowledge exists, then create strategies that enable long-term sustainability.

Have an All-in Mentality

Without buy-in from the C-Suite, no one else will follow.

Don't Rewind. Fast Forward.

Being proactive beats being reactive 8 days a week. More visibility enhances decision-making.

  • “The reason we chose AMEND was that rather than saying 'we’re going to work with the people in the office,' they said, 'we’re going to go out and work with the operators on the floor.' This was hugely beneficial because the people on the shop floor took ownership of the new ideas. We got tremendous buy-in from the employees. We are a totally different company than we were nine months ago. It’s a night-and-day difference.”
    Gary Ellorhorst
    President, and CEO

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