“If you haven’t told someone you care about that you love them in the last 24 hours please take a moment to do so.” <Paul Delaney>

This message went out to our team at 10:30a today.

It served as a powerful reminder of what’s important – family, friends, the clients we are honored to serve, each and every individual person, whether we come in contact with them or not.

People. You. Me. Us. Each other. We’re what’s important. We are what matter most.

Our existence isn’t about creating profits, lining our pocketbooks, or climbing company ladders. It’s about enjoying, celebrating, and honoring each other. It’s about exploring together. Learning together. Making great things happen. Together.

I’ve never been part of a team that’s so comfortable prioritizing family, faith, and friendship like this team.

These pieces are often hidden away because people don’t feel comfortable sharing these core areas of their lives with those they spend the most time with. What a shame.

Around here, these elements are front and center. When times are good, these elements grow stronger. In times of conflict, it’s faith, family, and friendship that guide us through. This is our foundation. It’s what ties us together. It’s what gives us the courage we need to push ourselves and our clients to new places.


If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb


This team has big plans. We’re invested in growing. We’re focused on traveling far.

And, while I don’t have any way of knowing how far we will go, I can say with certainty, we will go as far as we can go together.