There are a few things that separate the best leaders from the rest. Passion is one trait the best leaders share. Their passion may come from a cause that’s near and dear to them personally. It may come from serving others. No matter the source, passion is a difference maker.

Why? Because passion is unstoppable.

This is why we work with passionate leaders.

This is why we partner with passionate world-changers.

This is why we hire passionate leaders who find a way or make one when it comes to helping our clients achieve the ‘impossible.’

This is why we build more than businesses.

We build into people who bring communities closer. We build into groups that make leaders stronger. We build into organizations that make possible possible-er.


Passion AND Purpose – A Winning Combination
The Boy Scouts of America Dan Beard Council’s Professional Leadership Network is just one of the more than 50 organizations we support annually. Their recent dodgeball tournament gave us a chance to showcase our passion for sports (and our insane d-ball skills).

The AMEND team bringing their passion for sport to the PLN Dan Beard 2017 Dodgeball Challenge.

The AMEND team at the PLN Dan Beard 2017 Dodgeball Challenge.

And while we might not have been the best at dodging, we were the best at playing with big hearts and leaving it all on the court!

One reason we gave it our all is because we’re highly competitive. Another reason we brought a little more to this game is because it’s held in honor of a person who captured our minds and won over our hearts – Joe Rippe, Sr., founder of RKCA, people-investor, community builder.

Joe was a great businessman and an even better humanitarian. His passion for helping others – uncontainable.

So, it’s no surprise to us or any of his friends, that his legacy is filled with events like the PLN Dan Beard Dodgeball Challenge. It’s also no surprise that these events continue to grow and prosper because Joe built them on the best possible foundation – passion + purpose.

We were lucky enough to learn from Joe, and his son Brent. We are also fortunate enough to see this come to life for many of our clients when we work with them to create a purpose-based strategic plan that inspires passion and action.


Difference Makers Making A Difference
Achieving measurable results – making a meaningful and positive impact – is important to us.

Making an impact that changes the direction of a person’s life is incredible. It’s a gift we’re honored to receive from time to time.

Giving, for us, is so much more than a word nestled inside our core values. It’s in our DNA. Giving is living around here… It’s why you’ll often find us out volunteering with the United Way or Habitat for Humanity on the weekend, or why you’ll find us running fundraisers for groups that fight cancer or build future leaders, or why we’re often on the field coaching or in the hallways mentoring.


Passion + Purpose = Performance
If you or your team are stuck… If progress is approaching zero… If performance levels are approaching record lows… If you feel like you’re begging, nagging, or yelling at people every day to get make things happen, you’re likely missing passion, purpose, or both.


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