I had never worked a stereotypical “40 hours a week” job. I didn’t know what one looked like, what was expected – it was all new…and exciting.

Before AMEND, my only real-life work experience consisted of working at a snack bar for a local swimming pool and working as a valet parker. Each gave me invaluable life experience in their own way but absolutely nothing compared to what AMEND Consulting has given me.

Consultants Are….Well…We All Know What Consultants Are!

I never imagined myself as a consultant.

My idea of consulting companies stemmed from stereotypes that are seen in the media: wearing a suit and tie every day, walking into different companies with a narcissistic demeanor because ‘you’re the big bad consultant who can fix any problem you are tasked with.’ This role didn’t seem like one I could (or would want to) fill.

I admit, I was hesitant when given the chance to visit AMEND. But, I decided to take a chance on them just as they were taking a chance on me. I committed to giving them the benefit of the doubt, to not rush to judgement.

I put on a suit and tie – made myself look exactly how I envisioned a consultant “should” look – and drove to the office. When I got there, I was shocked to discover I was the only one wearing a suit. Everyone in the office was wearing jeans and a polo with steel-toed boots. That was the first indicator to me that AMEND was not your run-of- the-mill consulting company.

AMEND: The Anti-Consultants

I was right. AMEND isn’t your run-of-the-mill consulting company. In fact, they aren’t your run of the mill anything.

They care deeply about the success of all their clients. They get in there, side-by-side with their clients, and don’t stop until there’s a solution. They don’t walk in and say ‘I know it all.’ They walk in and say ‘I know we’ll find a way together.’

During my time at AMEND, I have learned more about consulting and manufacturing and have gained more real world experience than I ever thought was possible. I’ve also learned a lot about myself along the way. I’ve discovered things like who I work best with and how I can best leverage my skills in a professional setting.

And Here’s The Best Part

The best part about AMEND is not the jeans and polo attire or the office ping pong table. It’s the people you get to work closely with every day.

On day one I was thrown into the fire and tasked with action items that most analysts would never receive in the entirety of their rotation. A lot of responsibility was put on my plate to drive value for the clients and with that came a lot of trust and resources. The entire AMEND team pushed me to put my best foot forward and was always extremely eager and excited to help whenever necessary.

I’m Glad I Said Yes!

AMEND is not a traditional work environment in any sense of the word, mainly because of the close-knit relationships you are able build within the organization, which I know will last throughout my lifetime. I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to work and grow with AMEND. I have been challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone but I have done it knowing I have the support of an entire family behind me.

I am extremely excited to see how this experience helps to shape the rest of my professional career, as I know AMEND has played an extremely important role, and will continue to play that role in the future.