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CINCINNATI, OHIO, JULY 31, 2018 – AMEND Consulting has succeeded where more than 70% of small businesses fail. They’ve successfully transitioned from a two-person consulting practice to a 5 Partner, 40+ person, mid-market powerhouse all while perfecting a groundbreaking business model that’s delivering impressive results for clients.

“The results we’re delivering now are not only making our clients more competitive – we’re making them best-in-class. The addition of leading experts like Geoff Marsh, an analytics whiz with a deep understanding of what drives a business’s success, allows us to continue to bring very advanced solutions to a market that usually gets big company leftovers. We’re able to deliver more than our clients think possible. More than they can even imagine. That’s rare and extremely exciting.”

– Bobby Smyth, President and Partner

Geoff Marsh, AMEND’s fifth partner and head of the Business Intelligence Practice, further expands AMEND’s commitment to delivering the highest level of talent and the best possible solutions for exactly the price it should cost.

AMEND Co-Founders, Craig Todd and David Velie, elevated long-time top-performers Bobby Smyth and Paul Delaney to Partners 2.5 years ago as a way to make dramatic progress towards their vision of building unbeatable businesses. This move allowed them to double their staff, their effectiveness, and their impact – achieving their goals in 3 years versus 7-10. 

AMEND is accelerating their client’s success in the same way. More than 50 clients have already benefited from the advanced thinking and solutions Geoff and his analytics team brings. He has transformed AMEND’s approach to business – and that of their clients.

Gorilla Glue and Pilot Chemical have experienced big transformations. Their actions are now directly tied to their strategy. There’s more visibility, accountability, and action. They are now able to make smarter decisions faster, which gives them a sharp competitive edge their competitors will have a tough time topping.

“We are beyond THRILLED with the results we’ve achieved through our work with AMEND. We didn’t ask for anything like [our final solution] because we didn’t know anything like this was possible. Now that we have it, there’s no going back.”

– CFO, Gorilla Glue

AMEND has found a way to bring in some of the most talented leaders in the country for the benefit of their clients.  

“Traditional businesses have products that set them apart. We have people. Outstanding people who have chosen to join our team over the likes of P&G, GE, Google, and Apple – some of the world’s best. Our clients rarely have access to this level of talent. We’ve built a model that makes world-class talent and solutions accessible.”

– Paul Delaney, Partner and Chief People Officer

This deep commitment to excellence – to ensuring the best methods, practices, and talent are available to the underserved middle market – is helping these vital companies that grow the economy strengthen their businesses while defining lasting competitive advantages.

“We created AMEND 15 years ago because we wanted to help more than one company achieve operational excellence. Now, being great at operations is cost of entry. To help our clients define real, lasting competitive advantages we must have the team our clients need now AND five to ten years from now. It’s the only way to help them become truly unbeatable.

We’re deeply committed to making this happen. We’re risking everything for it.”

– Craig Todd, Co-Founder



AMEND is a mid-market management consulting firm dedicated to building unbeatable businesses by creating endless competitive advantages.

Double, triple, even quadruple-digit improvements are always realized – typically in 6 months or less. (See our impact here: Our formula for success is straightforward and proven, fueling our client’s success for more almost two decades.