I’m often asked, WHY AMEND? What’s AMEND all about? Or, WHY the hell would someone choose AMEND over the likes of P&G, Google, GE, McKinsey, IBM, Goldman, Toyota, the NBA, Deloitte, SAP, General Mills, Accenture, Blue Chip Ventures, Disney, or Apple?

I can’t answer for the dozens of other people who have made this choice… (You can see their answers here.) I can only share my thoughts around what AMEND is and what it means to me.

AMEND is technically an acronym, a noun, and a verb.

The Acronym

AMEND is more than a word around here. It stands for something that goes well beyond a company name or any symbol we could create. AMEND stands for Alex, Madi, Emily, Nick, and David Eli. These are the children of our founders and the true inspiration fueling our mission – changing lives and transforming businesses.

The Noun

AMEND is the leading mid-market management consulting and business improvement firm in the midwest. Reporters for Forbes Magazine recently tried to find another firm similar and came up empty.

Our proven approach – People + Process + Metrics = Transformation has been tested and proven for more than a decade. Our unstoppable team of A++ talent has worked with hundreds of companies and guarantees results on every project.

The Verb

To AMEND – “to make better; improve”

It’s no coincidence our acronym is synonymous with better business outcomes. We build unbeatable businesses with endless competitive advantages.

Our sales are 95% referral based and most business owners simply say – “you need AMEND.”

We take that responsibility seriously and customize our approach to make sure we always deliver. With over 150 tools in our arsenal, the only thing that is the same over each project is our values – honest, direct, passionate, leadership with a results oriented mindset.

Look. At the end of the day we’re a bunch of engineers, problem solvers, and analytical thinkers who choose to do the best possible work we can serving the most important and underserved market in the country.

AMEND is more than an acronym…more than a company…more than an improvement. For some, we’re a rallying cry. For others, we’re a bold call to action. For a rare few, we’re a door that opens to a whole new world of possible.

No matter how the t’s get crossed and the i’s get dotted, one thing is constant – we are the most dedicated, the most passionate, the most find-a-way-or-make-a-way group you’ll likely ever meet.