Big data- it’s not just for predicting election outcomes and mapping genomes anymore…

at least, that’s the jumping off point for a recent blog post on which examines the advent of “Industrial Internet” and explores how the ubiquity of Ethernet-enabled devices have primed the manufacturing industry for a forthcoming era of unprecedented productivity gains and process improvement.

The crux of the submission outlines 5 broad ways in which manufacturers can use data analytics to boost productivity; GE is specifically referenced as a “case-in-point” throughout, as they have become one of the largest early embracers of this shift toward total business automation.

By continually refining real-time data reporting and allowing manufacturers to more quickly resolve change orders, more effectively detect production bottlenecks, and more accurately estimate time-to-complete production cycles – one can hardly dispute that this “high-tech industrial revolution” is most definitely on the horizon. The only real question remaining is how existing manufacturers can best prepare their own people and processes to ensure that they aren’t left in the dust of progress.

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