Companies today often already have the tools and knowledge needed to reach their end goals; they may even have a vague idea of how to get there. The missing piece to success is the momentum that drives the people, the production, and the company’s overall output forward.

This idea is not foreign to us. Time and time again we see it radiate throughout our personal lives. Think about the concept of personal trainers. Most of us already know how to exercise. We know how to eat right. By hiring the trainers, however, we allow them to give us a kick-start and formulate action plans that will drive our success. More often than not, there are no breakthrough frameworks or processes involved. What separates the good trainers from the great ones is how they utilize their existing tools (weights and machines) and how they observe their clients, demining the best approach and then implementing it; they have no choice but to customize their action plan for each person. That is how trainers make an impact!

Why do you think that we often feel so much more accomplished under professional tutelage? It is because they reduce our downtime during the workout, they know which types of exercises to put us through, and they know our capacity. The great trainers are able to analyze your situation, figure out the right steps or process to take, and most importantly produce results. They give us the self-confidence and the knowledge necessary to sustain these positive changes, and – whenever needed – they are always there to resume a motivational role.

At AMEND, we assume the role of trainer for your business, providing a customized and easily transferrable process for each client. Companies are then able to reach and surpass their own ambitious end goals and deliverables. With over 100 tools at our disposal, we carefully identify which combination will best generate positive change within a firm. We propel our clients forward, giving them the momentum to break the barriers holding them back.