by Quinn Villarreal

The rush of the first week of college. Student organization flyers soar throughout the sky as frequently as the autumn leaves. When AMEND Analyst Meghan Oldfield first stepped on the University of Cincinnati’s campus, she was overwhelmed, energized, and unsure — all at the same time. Then she found the Lindner Women in Business Program.

Lindner Women in Business (LWiB) is a Diversity & Inclusion Program through the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. The program hosts workshops and keynote speakers, connects its members with Greater Cincinnati’s leaders, and enables a community of strong women to accelerate professional development.

When Oldfield got involved, she was immediately given responsibility that shaped her into the confident person she is today. In her prior role as LWiB Director of Operations, Oldfield was in charge of programming, external outreach, and member development. Not only did LWiB connect her with some of the top leaders in Cincinnati — it also gave her a platform to make a difference.

Dean Marianne Lewis speaking at the LWiB Kickoff Event

Shaping the Generation to Come

With a new dean and building, the Lindner College of Business is pulling all its strings to make the 2019-2020 school year the most influential and innovative to date. 

The Lindner Women in Business program is no exception. 

Oldfield, now serving as the Vice President of LWiB, is at the forefront of a movement to empower women in the college of business. Oldfield helps lead a group of seven executive team members and a general body of over 100 leaders. In her role, she must execute strategic planning, partner outreach and, most importantly, connect with members on a personal level.

For Oldfield, Lindner Women in Business is more than a student organization. For her, it’s a way to give back insights she has learned throughout her professional and academic experiences so that generations after her can succeed. 

“When I was in their shoes, I was trying to navigate the waters and figure everything out by myself,” Oldfield noted. Oldfield now is determined to make the transition for young women starting their professional careers easier, and AMEND is along for the ride.

LWiB Executive Team & Bobby Smyth at the AMEND Strategic Planning Session

AMEND x Lindner Women in Business

In April 2019, AMEND had the opportunity to host the Lindner Women in Business Executive Team at our office for a strategic planning session. At AMEND, investing in our community and team members is at the forefront of every decision we make. Having a strong leader like Oldfield on our team that is dedicated to such a powerful cause made us act.

Bobby Smyth, Partner at AMEND, led the strategy session to help the LWiB Executive Team prepare for the upcoming semester. “The goal was to introduce them to a simple structure that could harness their creative vision and allow for the group to handle growth,” noted Smyth.

The strategic planning meeting helped the LWiB Executive Team collect their thoughts and identify the core metrics that matter to the team. At the end of their session, the LWiB executive team crafted a powerful strategic plan to set the 2019-2020 school year in motion. Oldfield noted, “in our last planning in April, we were able to build tactical objectives based on the strategic planning from AMEND.”

Logan Davis speaking at the LWiB Kickoff Event

Building an Empowered Community

In her LWiB executive role, Oldfield has developed invaluable skills that compliment her career endeavors. With AMEND, Oldfield learned how to tactically execute an objective. Together, Oldfield uses the skills she’s learned to lead a cause that she is passionate about.

“I strive to be an authentic leader. Not having a facade of someone that I am not. Someone that is vulnerable, someone that expresses failures as much as successes.” 

Learn more about how Lindner Women in Business is building the leaders of tomorrow.

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