by Gabe Welp

The path one takes in life usually stems from a handful of key decisions. These decisions create an opportunity; one can decide to take a difficult but rewarding path, or choose a simpler but less worthwhile path.


Our lives are defined by our opportunities; even the ones we miss.

—F. Scott Fitzgerald


I knew I needed to join an environment that would challenge me. One that would allow me to form relationships with my colleagues. One that would force me out of my comfort zone.

I could have taken the easy path. I could have chosen a work environment where I would be reasonably assured of success with little effort, or where I knew I would excel more than my colleagues, or where I could blend in and not be expected to contribute meaningful work.

Instead, I chose the more difficult path. I chose to join a team that would force me to grow, to learn, to contribute, to collaborate, to leave my comfort zone, to become a better version of myself despite potential failures along the way. I wanted the more difficult and more rewarding path. That’s why I chose AMEND.


Discovering What Mattered To Me

Throughout multiple internships at a massive Fortune 500 Company, I couldn’t help but feel that my work was trivial to the bottom line of the company.

Furthermore, surrounded by thousands and thousands of corporate employees, it was off-putting to realize I could only name roughly twenty of them, and only interacted with roughly five on a consistent basis. Despite “excelling” in this setting, I found it difficult to remain passionate without a sense that my work was creating value for the corporation. I found myself wishing for deeper connections with my colleagues.

I had experience feeling valued and connected. The most rewarding team environment I have been fortunate enough to experience happened during my time as a member and captain of my college soccer team. I learned to appreciate the deep bonds and sense of pride associated with working with a smaller group of dedicated, passionate individuals striving to obtain the same goal. I wanted more of that.

Knowing this was important to me – knowing just enough of what I wanted – made choosing the harder path over the easier one a simple choice.


Yes. You Can Have It All.
(At least for a short time. If you’re lucky, longer.)

I was lucky. I found AMEND.

Through discussion with current members of the AMEND team, I repeatedly came away with two conclusions:

1) there is a familial atmosphere at AMEND from the top of the company all the way down to newly hired analysts and

2) every member of the AMEND team is expected to contribute in a meaningful way to achieve the best results for our clients.

One thing was crystal clear – AMEND was offering everything I desired in a work environment. How could I resist? (Obviously, I couldn’t.)

After working at a company where the executives were unapproachable, how could I resist becoming a member of a team where I can walk over and bounce ideas off a partner of the company with years of experience? How could I resist becoming a member of a team filled with driven, enthusiastic people all working in the pursuit of a shared goal? How could I resist becoming a member of a team that, through working on diverse projects, will expand my abilities and force me to step outside my comfort zone? How could I resist becoming a member of a team that expects me to contribute in a meaningful way right away? How could I resist becoming a member of a team that is dedicated to aiding the communities of the city dearest to my heart: Cincinnati?


When You Know What’s Important, Making Tough Decisions Becomes Easy.

I’m not going to claim to know everything that’s important. I don’t. I don’t have all my wants and needs defined.

I knew ‘just enough’ to make this critical decision. And that’s what matters.

I feel nothing but joy as I reflect on my decision to join the talented and diverse team here at AMEND. I hope to find myself in this situation often – where I know just enough to make the best possible choice. I want that for you too. I hope you’ll always know ‘just enough’ to make all your most challenging decisions a bit easier.