Presentation1The only training program that guarantees you complete work on at least one of your important projects.

Taught by consultants, it’s like getting training PLUS free consulting.

AMEND IN ACTION’s lean/six sigma program combines education and action to deliver real results.

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There’s basic education and then there’s mastery.

There’s ordinary Lean/Six Sigma Training and then there’s AMEND IN ACTION.

Our programs are way more than training – they’re real-world skills development. And, they’re the only Lean Six Sigma programs that guarantee you achieve project success as part of your learning journey.

  • Learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma project leadership in 4 days. (Note: these four days are spread over 4 weeks so there’s time for you to use what you learn, and to get feedback on your work.)
  • Apply what you learn immediately. You get instructor and peer feedback every step of the way. You make progress, real progress. And it’s impressive.
  • Join a small group to help accelerate your learning, and for support. You never get stuck because there’s always someone to reach out to, someone to bounce ideas off of. Sharing your success, and learning from others helps you see more possibilities.
  • Achieve real results. You complete a project – usually something that’s really important to your overall success – and you have a new way of approaching every day.

If you want to simply learn Lean Six Sigma principles, order some books, or take some online classes.

If you want to learn how to use Lean/Six Sigma principles, approaches, and tools to make a real difference in your business – our Lean Six Sigma IN ACTION programs are the only way to generate real project success while you learn.


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[title size=”2″]Our Philosophy[/title]

Learn. Apply. Believe. Change.

Change. You can’t have progress without it, and it’s hard to achieve on your own. It comes in steps, and as a result of hard work.

It can be achieved faster if you know the right steps to take – in the right order. For example, you can diet and loose weight. You can exercise and loose weight. Or, you can combine the power of diet and exercise to achieve the best possible results. You can improve your golf game by watching some videos, or practicing at the range. Or, you can combine the power of learning and action to radically improve your skills by playing a few rounds with a pro.

We believe training works the same way. You can run your people through traditional training programs and fill their heads with knowledge…then hope they connect it to your business. You can throw them into a challenge and hope they learn what they need to deliver results. Or, you can work with AMEND and combine the power of education and action.

Our exclusive AMEND IN ACTION approach combines the power of learning with the impact of hands-on coaching to deliver lasting, business-building results.

Education PLUS Action – that’s the AMEND difference.  It’s how we help create SMARTER INDIVIDUALS, SHARPER TEAMS, and SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES.


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[title size=”2″]What Clients Say[/title]
[testimonials backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Operations Leader” gender=”none” company=”Gearbox Manufacturing Company” link=”” target=”_self”]”The best thing about the Amend IN ACTION program is its immediate impact (and the outstanding instructor!). We now have a better plan for approaching every day.”[/testimonial][/testimonials]