“Where do you work?”

“I work for AMEND.”

(long pause followed by a confused look…)

“What’s that!?!”

That’s the conversation I have every time someone asks about my work.

AMEND Consulting. That’s where I work, and I’m thankful for some of the many things it’s not.

It’s not a huge Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees split into different teams in a variety of departments spread out over a 40-story building.

It’s not the company everyone has heard of and wants to work for (at least not yet).

It’s not filled with know-it-alls who refuse to help or act like you don’t exist.

It’s not a place that tolerates better than. We are strong individuals who make an even stronger team.

It’s not somewhere to get lost in the crowd. You make a difference and have an impact on day one.


“I’ve Already Learned More…”

Three client projects PLUS internal AMEND sales support, that was my ‘welcome aboard’ assignment my first week at AMEND. While my friends were getting coffee, or filing papers, or making copies, I was working on meaningful work that had to get done. Four businesses would be effected if I failed.

I accepted the challenge and dove in. I had little exposure to manufacturing, sales, operations management, or the world of consulting when I came here. I can’t say that any more.

My skills had to develop and improve to deliver results. I’ve had to improve my leadership skills and take charge of my projects. I’ve had to learn to trust myself as an individual and my co-workers as teammates. I’ve had to sharpen my problem solving skills to create new ideas for solving internal and external problems.

All the hard work has paid off. In just two month of working at AMEND I’ve already learned more than I had at any previous job, and I can clearly see the ways my work adds value here.


Culture Matters

It didn’t take me long to figure out how important culture is to the workplace. And, now that I’ve worked at a company with a strong culture, it’s easier for me to see it’s often lacking from other companies.

AMEND’s culture is what makes me and every other member on the team want to come to work. I know everyone I work with and that is not something employees at a larger company can usually say.

The team aspect here is so strong. I don’t feel like just an intern or a co-op student here. Instead, I know I am a valuable and important member of this team. Everyone works hard and is always there to support each other when it comes to delivering for our clients, and we’re there for each other when it comes time to enjoy some downtime at the end of a long workweek.


Making A REAL Difference

I’m surrounded by incredibly successful people who are striving to make a difference in our client’s businesses every day.

The AMEND team challenges me to learn new things, move outside of my comfort zone, and grow as a young professional. I’m a more effective worker and leader as a result.

Working for AMEND gives me the chance to be a part of a team of people who create real results and drive valuable change for many other companies. I can clearly see the value of all of the work I do here, and for that, I am excited and grateful.