Oct 24, 2012 to Oct 27, 2012

ILA (International Leadership Association)
14th Annual Global Conference
Oct. 24-27
Hyatt Regency
Denver, CO
More info: http://www.ila-net.org/Events/

Leadership Across the Great Divides: Bridging Cultures, Contexts, and Complexities

The Continental Divide of the Americas, or the “Great Divide” as it is known in Colorado, is the series of mountain ranges that spans from northern Alaska through Colorado to the tip of Patagonia in South America. Crossing this Great Divide has historically required courage and stamina fueled by innovation and a vision of a better life on the other side.

Metaphorically, contemporary Great Divides present complex challenges whose solutions require much more than courage, stamina, and a vision of a better life. Complicated by new technologies used for both good and ill, these challenges—marked by racism, poverty, illiteracy, religious intolerance, hunger, and even war—call for new approaches to leadership and new types of leaders able to bring diverse contexts together, create cultural inclusion, and deal with complexity and rapid change.

The 14th global conference of the ILA offers a unique opportunity for multisector, multinational, and multicultural examination of Leadership Across the Great Divides.

The Conference Content

The conference theme will be explored during pre-conference sessions, keynotes presentations, and a stream of concurrent sessions. Other concurrent session streams will focus more broadly on leadership in education, scholarship and research, development and coaching, and business, public, and community leadership practices. Concurrent sessions utilize diverse formats including experiential workshops, panel discussions, case studies, and presentations of papers and research findings.