Bolstering your analytical skillset is key to understanding the future of your business in the new economic landscape that is upon us.

As businesses adjust to new economic conditions, a focus on profitability and cash flow has never been more apparent. Industries will be hit, supply chains disrupted, and companies will be left guessing as to how these economic levers impact their day-to-day business decisions. As we enter this unknown, and unplanned for, world, the need for actionable data has never been more critical.

The key to weathering this storm, and coming out a better organization, is going to be based on how your company reacts NOW, to better set yourself up for success later. The first step in this difficult process is understanding how your business reacts to this new economy. Done effectively, analytical scenario planning can give you the holistic picture of how to successfully make decisions today to better prepare your company for tomorrow.

Can you keep your doors open if your customers start to pay later? What about if your labor force is cut in half? What does a decrease in sales truly mean to your bottom line? Can you agree to new supplier terms that cut your margins in half? These are the REAL questions business leaders are facing at a rapid pace and waiting for your 45-tab Excel model to be re-purposed is not an option.

By leveraging analytics, business intelligence, and by acting NOW, you can obtain one-click answers that provide you the actionable information you need…”

How do leaders set themselves up to answer these questions? By utilizing analytics and business intelligence, and by acting NOW, you can obtain one-click answers that provide you the actionable information you need to make the best decision for the future of your business. AMEND has continually served our clients by understanding their business needs and walking side-by-side with them as a partner through their most difficult times. By leveraging AMEND’s analytics expertise, you can equip leaders in your organization with the necessary scenario planning tools to aid them in making these types of decisions.

 At AMEND, we believe companies that are proactive in their approach to combating this impending economic downturn are the ones that will be able to grow and weather the storm. That proactive nature starts by understanding your current state, and by quickly learning how the things you can’t control impact your business. AMEND is recommending our best practices in scenario planning tools to all of our clients and community. We believe it is the first step in combating the difficult times we are facing.

To learn more about how AMEND continues to drives results in our community through data analysis, please see the case studies on our website. Be on the look out for our “How To” series, where some of our analytics experts will break down simple ways to build models to better prepare your business.

As always, if you want to chat, and get to know what we do a little better, browse our offerings or contact our CEO, Craig Todd.