There’s only one reason you should care about the impact data, analytics, and business intelligence can have on your business and it’s completely selfish…

Leveraging data will make you a more powerful leader!

And the impact is almost instant.

In as little as two weeks you can know more about your business than you may have learned in the entire time you’ve been employed.

Sounds dramatic and crazy, I know, but based on the hundreds of client interactions I’ve had this year as we’ve fully integrated business intelligence and analytical thinking – this impact is very, very real.

In fact, most of our clients are shocked by what a few basic analyses reveal about their business. Insights like:

  • Harmful Customer Prioritization or putting effort into supporting/keeping non-profitable customers while paying much less attention (or in some cases no attention) to more profitable customers (Explore more…)
  • Solving Symptoms Instead of Problems or being active versus being effective. It’s easy to get distracted solving symptoms or immediate issues instead of pushing pause and drilling down to discover the real source causing all the issues. (Explore more…)
  • Finding Hidden ‘Profit Stealers’ or understanding exactly how your company makes money and what specific activities are zapping your profits without adding any value. (Explore more…)

They are also amazed by the impact and results we’re able to achieve when we work to turn their data into insights and those insights into action.

“Someone please prove to me in the P&L that these improvements are real!” (Actual client during a results review meeting.)

  • A sales analysis revealed that the sales reps were not accurately including freight charges in their pricing – ouch – this was a shocker for leadership!
  • Analysis showed some minor scheduling changes at a Tier 1 automotive facility would produce a double-digit increase in efficiency and reduce the number of people needed to handle materials – wow – this was exciting!
  • Analysis helped senior leaders see they were working across multiple projects without an understanding of their time utilization. We built a capacity model to help accurately gauge utilization and allow for planning, increased efficiency and an increase in their project profitability – yowza – talk about a meaningful impact!

Look. There’s a lot of things business analytics and intelligence can do, and many more things it can’t.

It can’t make you a professional wrestling champion or an award-winning chef.

It can give you wings like Red Bull.

It can give you super-leadership-powers stronger than kryptonite.

Data can’t save the world but it can make you a more effective and confident leader and that’s one great reason to give a damn about data.



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