by Zane Dennler

Imagine waking up and going to work every morning, just to find yourself counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock. Imagine working at an office where nearly 3 out of 4 of your co-workers are all just waiting to leave.

This is exactly where I found myself recently.

I didn’t intend to be here. I wasn’t happy here. I knew I had to leave here… I could not spend one more minute, much less the countless hours I’d been investing, in a place this draining now or ever again!

Death By A Thousand “Right” Decisions.

Isn’t that how these things happen? We make a series of decisions – each one we believe to be right or what’s best – and maybe they are at the time. Maybe each individual, small decision is just fine. No harm, no foul.

Then, when we have a minute to pause and look around, to take stock of the entire journey, we realize we’ve ended up in a place we didn’t intend to land.

It was this realization that drove me to make a series of different choices. It was those different choices that led me to AMEND.

Driven. Engaged. Difference Makers.

I saw – right from the get go – how driven everyone in the company was.

There was no counting down the minutes until clock-out because the employees truly enjoyed their work. Not only do they enjoy their work, they enjoy the people they are surrounded by.

The supportive, yet challenging, culture of AMEND is exactly what I was looking for. I knew that accepting a position with AMEND would push me to be a better version of myself. I also knew that the people of AMEND would push me in a way that challenged me without discouraging me.

Finding What’s Right.

I wanted to dive right in. I wanted to make a positive impact. I wanted to be surrounded by people who would help me grow and succeed. AMEND was my top choice because it offered me all this and more.

I was assigned meaningful work on day one. Work that matters. Work that makes me think harder than I’ve had to think in a long time. Work I’m completely hooked on!

The AMEND team is fast-paced and driven to achieve excellence. They exist to drive change in an organization and while doing so, drive change in every individual they meet along the way. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of such a great team!

“No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back.”

– Turkish Proverb

These words of wisdom held true for me. Now, I’d like to challenge you…  Take time to push pause, look around, and ask yourself questions like, “Am I where I’m supposed to be?” or “Am I heading in the right direction?” If not, take corrective action! Make different choices. Take a risk. Say yes when you’d normally say no. Get uncomfortable. These small steps are sure to help you find your right road.