Kroger Exec Doug Meiser Brings Fortune 100 Experience to AMEND

AMEND has named Doug Meiser as Vice President of Data Science. Meiser previously served as Senior Director of R&D Engineering at Kroger and VP of Data Science at 84.51.

Meiser began his career as an intern at Kroger in 2004 while working on his MBA from Northern Kentucky University. Meiser previously earned his B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from NKU. Meiser specializes in leveraging math and data science to explore, improve, and innovate. His teams were instrumental in implementing real-time queuing systems, inventory optimizations, integrated logistics systems, and improving processes across many different verticals.

Geoff Marsh, Partner, shared, “We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Doug is joining AMEND to lead our Data Science practice. Doug’s track record for delivering ROI through Kroger’s Supply Chain and Operations is unmatched. He is an industry leader in driving transformation and understanding the ‘so what.’ Doug’s leadership will further cement AMEND as the premier Data Science service provider in the Midwest. Best of all, he brings an incredible work ethic, values, and family to the AMEND team.”

Meiser will play a critical role as AMEND continues to see accelerated demand for its offerings. The AMEND team has nearly doubled in size since last year, in part, due to COVID-19 and the desire for businesses to have real-time access to their data for decision making. The pandemic expedited the need for digitalization and has more enterprises moving towards data analytics solutions than ever before.

“The way the AMEND team talks about taking care of people and clients is what drew me to the company,” Meiser said. “I’m passionate about creating innovation through math and I’m excited to dive in and solve some hard problems that clients really appreciate.”

Meiser lives in Wilder with his wife Kelly and their three children. Their favorite pastime is to watch the kids at their basketball and soccer games.