by Martin Manevski

By the end of 2017 I had gotten the chance to run my own business and taste what it’s like to be my own boss. Making my business a success was a difficult and rewarding process.

I learned how critical communication, planning, and teamwork are for the success of a business. I realized it’s much easier and faster to move alone than it is to constantly be checking back in with a team.

This experience led me to an interesting place. Independence is part of my DNA. Running a business requires BOTH independence AND interdependence. I couldn’t find success as a business leader without my team also being successful.

I was struggling – should I be independent and do my own thing without being tied down by others or should I try to find a place where I could have it all?

Does a place like this even exist? A place where I can be both independent AND a team player. A place where I can be recognized for my skills and contributions AND add value to other’s efforts. A place where I can make decisions and feel ownership over the work I’m doing while also learning from people with more experience than me?

Once I got introduced to AMEND, the answer became clear – YES! This place does exist… AMEND offered all I was looking for and more.

AMEND Is A Collection of AMAZING Individuals That Work As One

I get inspired by other entrepreneurially minded individuals and I found a whole collection of them at AMEND. Everybody on the team is a rock star who not only wants to do well but wants to see their teammates and clients do well too.

This was a big factor in my decision to join the AMEND team. I saw a way to be an independent player on a team invested in other’s success. (And, as hard working as everybody is, they also know how to kick back and have a good time after a day full of improving businesses. Another important factor for me!)

Transparency That Inspires Action

No matter the size, AMEND will never have layers and layers of managers, directors, and executives. They hire leaders who want to work with other leaders. This means I get to learn from and receive immediate feedback from experienced leaders on my performance. Their visibility and accessibility serves to make me stronger. Their feedback encourages me to improve – it inspires me to expand my thinking around what’s possible and what I’m capable of achieving.

I, in turn, get to do this for others. I get to do this with our clients, with my fellow volunteers, with my friends and family. It’s an action that inspires more action. It’s how progress is truly made.

Continual Learning. Continual Improvement. Continual Growth.

I try to learn something from everything. My time at AMEND is a unique chance for me to get involved and experience different work cultures and environments. And, the best thing is, I get to make a positive difference in both our business and our client’s business’s through my own actions and decisions.

This diversity of environment and people is critical to my success.

Around here we believe that iron does indeed sharpen iron. “As iron sharpens iron, a person sharpens the character of his friend.” [Proverbs 27:17] We each work to make ourselves, our team members, and our clients the best they can possibly be.

Coming to AMEND helped me realize it’s possible to be both independent and connected. Working here connected all the dots for me so that I now see just how important these two pieces are to my success. I must have the ability to think and act and make a positive impact while also being surrounded by people who want to make me (and the world) better.