One Cincinnati consulting firm is shifting into overdrive to make sure their hometown continues to thrive.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Cincinnati, OH – October 6, 2016 – AMEND LLC, a leading management consulting firm with a history of delivering impressive growth results for their clients, announced a bold initiative today – to help grow enough businesses that Cincinnati has the strongest local economy (and lowest unemployment rate) in the midwest.

David Velie and Craig Todd founded AMEND more than a decade ago with one simple mission – to change lives and transform businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area. For them, consulting was more than helping businesses, it was about doing all the hard work that drives success, the work that goes well beyond the standard 9 to 5.

AMEND Ventures takes this initiative one step further, allowing the talented and diverse leaders at AMEND to come in alongside strong Cincinnati area founders and management teams to create higher, more sustainable returns.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves – asking ourselves – what more can we do to best serve the great people here in our hometown? How can we help mid-market companies grow faster so they create more jobs sooner? How can we create, or help create, a rising tide that truly floats all boats?

We know how to work with companies to solve their immediate problems. It’s work we absolutely love. It’s work that’s very satisfying. But there’s a deeper calling that’s driving us to take action. To expand our impact in ways that will help as many people as we can.”  – David Velie, AMEND Ventures, CEO

AMEND’s consulting work allows them to transform businesses from the inside out. Their partnership work allows them to transform lives from the company in. Their every effort is focused on just one thing – making Cincinnati the best damn city in the world.


David Velie
Chief Executive Officer
AMEND Ventures
2831 Stanton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 399-6300



The AMEND Ventures team is a group of business builders who are operational and strategic specialists. They partner with founders and management teams to help them rapidly grow their companies, and, in turn, these efforts create more jobs, boost the local economy, and help make Cincinnati one of the best cities east of the Mississippi.

AMEND Ventures is not a traditional private equity or investment firm. We don’t simply plug in money and hold people to ridiculous metrics or standards. We’re not all about the money. We’re about rolling up our sleeves alongside other invested leaders, and putting our expertise, and networks of resources of work to create sustainable, long-term returns for everyone.