by Ally Gormley

When you think of living abroad, I would hope that the first word coming to your mind wouldn’t be “isolating.” I would hope your mind instantaneously races with ideas of incredible food, funky hostels, vibrant music, beautiful cultures, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Not the frustration that comes with drastic language barriers. Not the challenges of having to tackle almost everything on your own. Not the reality of living in near total isolation from your friends and family.

The latter became my reality about halfway through my time working abroad in both Spain and Sweden. The glitz and glamour of a global lifestyle wore off and I was stuck in a world alone – a world of isolation.

I spent a lot of time in office buildings; more specifically, in cubicles and conference rooms, running coffee errands, and tediously picking through spreadsheets. My coworkers spoke little to no English and I spent a lot of time working individually or occasionally within a small team.

All this being said, I never really had the opportunity to experience the power of people in the workplace. My hopes of working in an environment where everyone operates as a hugely talented, successful, and supportive team were fading…

And then I met AMEND.

It was immediately clear to me – AMEND had what I wanted.

Eric Vinson, a Project Leader at AMEND, shared some almost unimaginable truths about what it was like to work with and for AMEND. “We are a family at AMEND – point blank. We will throw you out of your comfort zone but you have an entire support system throughout the organization that not only has your back but wants to actively help you succeed.”

My mind was blown.

And it only got better from there.

My positive impression of AMEND grew with each interaction I had.

I was able to easily connect with team members along every rung of the AMEND hierarchy – partners, project leaders, analysts – even though I had yet to apply for a job. I was an interested, prospective employee – at best.

The fact I was granted access to people so high up in the organization that early on spoke volumes.

Many people ask me why I chose to work for AMEND and my answer is simple. AMEND offers me a place where I can work with a hugely talented, incredibly supportive, competitive yet collaborative community of people that pour their heart into everything they do. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?