by Spencer Niehaus

I was first hit with this question on day one of Mr. Ploehs’s English class my junior year.

I wish I could tell you that answering this question has gotten easier in the decade that has passed.

The reality is, it hasn’t.

I still spend a lot of time mulling this over. When I really think about this question, I spend most of my time thinking through my own identity. To know why I am here requires a lot of self-reflection into who I really am.

The Past Predicts The Future

Growing up on the Westside of Cincinnati in a giant Catholic family provided an excellent foundation for me to begin to build out my identity.

My high school (Elder), my college (University of Cincinnati), and my incredible home city have all provided additional structure. Pieces of me built around pillars like integrity, selflessness, and hope.

My deep roots here keeps me excited and engaged in growing Cincinnati and its incredible identity. I love this place and will always serve as an advocate for the incredible purpose Cincinnati serves in this world.

The Intersection of AMEND and My Future

AMEND exists for one reason – to change lives and transform businesses.

I exist for one reason – to make my home better every day.

The intersection of these two paths allows me to fulfill my mission at hyper speed. I’m able to combine forces with other like-minded warriors, ready to suit up and battle the resistance to change and forward progress wherever we find it.

AMEND makes if easy for me to take care of my neighbors. Every day I have – and take advantage of – the opportunity to give back…to change people’s lives.

Being hands-on with a client and seeing the change first hand is a once in a lifetime experience for most people. AMEND allows me to wake up every day and drive this change.

What about you? How many times have you answered this question? Have your answers evolved over time – as your experiences have shaped you into a different version of yourself? What other questions do you use to challenge your thinking?