By Courtney Tomasetti

AMEND was honored with a spot in Ohio Business Magazine’s2019 list of Best Places to Work in OhioOBM annually evaluates local businesses to select workplaces with top-notch company cultures where employees are engaged and voices are heard.

The recognition serves as a testament to our three-fold approach to company engagement: dedication to development, creating personal connections, and building trust through transparency. 


Dedication to Development

AMEND’s methodology for personal developmentfocuses on bringing out the best in each individual and connecting those strengths to their work. A peer-to-peer coaching system is in place to identify achievements and growth areas at relevant points of projects. Goals are then set by the team members, not the company. Together, the two create an alignment that increases overall satisfaction and ensures project success. 

Creating Personal Connections

AMEND fully supports opportunities outside of work to unite the team. This has created friendships, even roommates, and a family mentality that you can feel from a mile away.

The most significant investment in creating connections is a weekend-long company retreat. During the retreat, the AMEND team goes beyond business and break into small groups and 1-on-1s to offer personal testimonials. In addition to the retreat, AMEND supports participation in activities year-round, including fundraiserswhere team members are involved or on the board, sports leagues, monthly socials, and weekly ideation brainstorms to help each other with work challenges. 

Building Trust Through Transparency

All of AMEND’s business goals, results, and financials are available to every team member. Besides employee salaries, nothing is hidden. Updates about the state of the business are shared frequently. AMEND has a team-wide communication channel that is filled with congratulations, achievements, good news alerts and successes. This gives every employee insight into our client and project work, while also showcasing our talent and giving kudos.