Growing up, I went to a very small high school, and I mean very small. I graduated with 36 students in my class and had around 140 students in my entire high school. I loved going to a place where I knew everyone, had a big impact at the school as a whole, and could get involved in a lot of different areas.

When deciding where to work, I wanted my employer to include these same qualities and opportunities.

I found this and more at AMEND.

AMEND is a mid-sized company which gives me the opportunity to develop a relationship with almost everyone in the company. With their commitment to staying connected as a company regardless of working on different projects, it’s easy to get to know everyone and learn from their experiences.

At my small high school, I was able to be involved in clubs, sports, theatre, etc. Similarly, AMEND allows me to discover numerous aspects of the business and create a valuable impact. Due to AMEND being a mid-sized company, I work on important projects from the beginning and have influence among my peers. This is almost unheard of from larger companies.

Finally, I have the opportunity to touch a large scope of projects. At AMEND, I get to work with marketing while being an analyst. With my projects with my clients, I have the opportunity to work on operations, quality, personality assessments, data analysis, finances, etc. I am not confined to only one aspect of the business.

AMEND is a great company with a dedication to personal and professional development. Their size and culture allows their employees to form lasting relationships, create value and impact from the beginning, and be involved in various topics and projects.