My answer is fast and simple when people ask me why I chose to work at AMEND, “because excellence isn’t an accident.”


What Drives Excellence? Skills? Planning? Strategy? YES!

Scoring a buzzer beater in the final seconds of a playoff game? Lucky shot.

Getting straight A’s throughout school? My teachers must have liked me, I guess.

I believed success was achieved by chance, until recently.

It took me a while – up until this year, actually – to realize that excellence is not an accident.

The formula for achieving success is clear to me now, thanks to the work I’ve been doing here at AMEND:

Hard Work + Focused Effort + Consistency = Excellence.

The AMEND team has helped me see what it takes to achieve excellence and just how much goes in to delivering excellence at all times. They’ve also helped me to see how the results of this hard work and commitment is invaluable to our clients.


“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

– Aristotle


AMEND Pushes Me The Same Way They Push Their Clients

AMEND was out of my comfort zone.

I was used to working in a large corporate office every day. Crunching numbers on Excel from eight to five and staying in my cubicle for the majority of the day.

At AMEND, I was immediately immersed in a completely different culture, one filled with a tight-knit but powerful team of A-players, 5 am mornings, steel-toed boots on the ground of fab shops, and tough yet rewarding discussions with all types of clients, from the front line to the C-level Executives.

Joining the AMEND team took me FAR out of my comfort zone, but, in any given moment, we have two options: shrink back into safety, or step forward into growth.

I chose the latter, and because I did, I’ve grown.


Excellence Is A Choice

Every day I have to be committed to achieving excellence for myself and our clients.

Driving results does not come by accident; rather, it comes from intensity and deliberate decisions to work diligently, strategically, and fervently towards achieving excellence.

So that winning buzzer beater during a playoff game? It was the culmination of countless hours of practices, mental preparation, and bearing under pressure.

The good grades earned throughout school? Those were the consistent affirmations of late nights of studying, revising essays, and time management throughout my four years of education.

I am thrilled to be at a part of a team that inspires me to drive results every day.

AMEND values the challenging yet rewarding journey towards excellence, one that takes time, effort, and a commitment to stepping outside your comfort zone.