If you ask people why they buy a company’s product or service, you’ll hear buzzwords like: quality assurance, innovation, brand image, convenience, etc. These reasons become the foundations of a company’s strategic positioning within the marketplace. Wal-Mart sells on its low prices, Apple sells on its innovative products, and Nordstrom sells on its customer service. These selling points are what attract people to these companies. Chipotle is considered “fast food”, but any patron knows how long the wait in that line can be. Chipotle generates repeat business because of the quality of the food it provides. Behind the scenes there is an entirely different reason these companies are successful. Google is known for their employee-friendly working environment; people do not use Google because of this, but the executives at Google know that such an atmosphere is vital to the company’s success.

At AMEND, we sell on speed and flexibility. Our focus is not on quality because in our eyes, quality is assumed. We demand quality from ourselves in every facet of our work.

Furthermore, we guarantee results. Since our founding, we have experienced a 100% client success rate. Over 60 companies from a variety of industries have leveraged our approach for their own benefit. AMEND has been able to propagate these successes for a variety of reasons:

  • We not only focus on providing a customized model to fit our clients, but also on making that model sustainable- so that clients continue to thrive long after we’ve left.
  • We empower employees by training them to successfully carry out the processes we’ve put in place. It is essential for everyone in a company to be able to see how their role contributes to the big picture.
  • We don’t simply sell the tools or training models that clients ask for; AMEND finds a solution and then works with each client to properly implement the processes for that specific environment.

Throughout the past eight years, we have combined all these elements in order to fulfill our holistic value proposition: to develop people, improve processes, and tie operational metrics to bottom-line returns. Our ability to build trust with clients by treating companies like our own, our focus on training employees to become better versions of themselves, and our expert decision making ability all allow us to follow through with our brand promise.