Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce 10 years from now. (Ernst & Young Global Generations Survey) 

This means you have less than a decade of growth left if you don’t figure out how to attract and retain Millennials.

It’s is not a talent management issue, it’s a survival issue.


NOW IS THE TIME to unravel the Millennial mystery. Join us at 5:30p on August 19 as we:

– host a panel discussion with Millennials to learn what’s most important to them when seeking and keeping a job

– share our top-secret, highly-effective, guerrilla recruiting tactics with you (no, really, this stuff works…it’s how we’ve gotten more than two dozen Millennials to turn down jobs with Fortune 10 companies like P&G and GE to come work with us…)

– help you create a plan for Millennial recruiting and retention success


The longer you wait, the more you lose. It’s time to stop whining about what a pain these youngsters are and start finding a way to connect with them to drive success.

Your future depends on it.