By Chris McCleary

My journey into the world of consulting began as some journeys do – without a final destination.

I started college without knowing where I wanted to go. My interests lead me to explore many different paths: investing, marketing, political campaigning, economic development, and law, among many others.

What did all this exploring help me discover? I love solving problems – the more complex, unique, and challenging the better.

Consulting offers the opportunity to dive into new, complex, and challenging problems every day while also giving me plenty of opportunities to develop my skills and  grow as a person.

I had found my what. Next was my where.

Searching for my where is what led me to AMEND.

AMEND caught my attention for one reason – the way they treat their people. From the first meeting you are welcomed. Treated as equal to, not lesser than.

You’re part of the team from the moment you’re hired. Not a new person, an errand runner or grunt worker. A team member who is equally capable of adding value, perspective, and fresh thinking.

“From the first day, even as an analyst, I was a valuable member of the team. My opinions were heard and no less significant than any other team member’s.”

No matter your title you are expected to step in, step up, and perform. At AMEND, you are never assigned a mindless, meaningless task: everything you do has a purpose.

It’s exciting to me that your position on the org chart isn’t a barrier. One day I’m working with other analysts. Another day I’m in the board room with company leaders and executives.

I have little interest working for a company where the executives are mythical creatures whose names appear in emails and in the rants of managers. Leader you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of when they make their annual visit to your office.

Working for a company where every member of the organization knows my name and my story is exciting. Meeting and interviewing with a partner showed me that AMEND valued who I was and what I brought to the table. It showed that they took me seriously and expected me to deliver tangible results.

My presence is felt at every level of the organization at AMEND. It’s a position that comes with much responsibility and one I don’t take lightly.

I’m honored to be part of the AMEND team – a team built for success.