Help us celebrate our 7th anniversary in May — join us in donating to Create Jobs for USA, a national campaign aimed at creating sustainable US jobs.

American manufacturing has been getting a lot of attention lately, and we’re pleased to see that the general public and experts have discovered something we’ve known all along — manufacturing fuels our economy.

In the past seven years, we have learned firsthand the power of American innovation. We have helped countless individuals and their companies to transform into trusted, lasting American brands. As consultants we generate revenue so that businesses may create new jobs for the US economy. Our work has only just begun.

In honor of our anniversary, we’ve made a donation to Create Jobs for USA, a campaign aimed at creating and sustaining jobs at companies and start-ups across the country through a collaborative project between the Opportunity Finance Network® and Starbucks®. You can learn more about the campaign at Together, we can build a lasting future for American enterprise.

Thank you for the daily contributions you make towards our shared, successful future. Let’s work for America.