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“The team has been absolutely buzzing since last Thursday. One member told me that what she learned about herself has changed the way she sees her interactions with others, and will change the way she parents. I heard from more than one person that it was the best team training they have ever attended and they didn’t want it to be over.”

Julie Witten, Director of Kentucy Services


The 4C team gets together to work on their business and to strengthen their team once each year. The 4C team had participated in more than a dozen team trainings before working with us. They had achieved what many others achieved – OK results.

We aren’t interested in OK. We are only interested in outstanding. That’s what we worked to create for Julie and her team.

We took the time to understand exactly what they wanted to accomplish. We then created a customized program that would deliver what they wanted AND what they needed.


They wanted team building. They wanted leadership development.


They needed help developing stronger individuals who could then better work as part of a team. They needed common goals and a vision that could get them all working in the same direction.


We delivered both.

We spent two days working together. We used proven tools like DiSC – a highly effective profiling system that helps individuals better understand their work styles and how to build more effective relationships – plus individual coaching to help each team member learn and understand their needs.

We helped each team member create personal goals. Each team member then committed to making their goals happen. We worked together to create team goals. Everyone then committed to making those happen, together.


We combined education and action to create “lots of positive change in [the 4C] team.” (Julie Witten)

Julie said, “It was nice to be able to work along side [my team] on something like this.” She was able to participate, to build unity, to lead from within. And it likely helped create more success.

Our approach and our leadership made that possible.


“Our expectations were exceeded because I see people doing things differently.”

Julie Witten, Director of Kentucy Services



Doing things differently. Working with passionate leaders. Driving positive, lasting change. It’s what we’re all about.