By Ruby Cimmarusti

At AMEND, one day of work looks nothing like the next. Our fast-paced, diverse work environment brings on a variety of projects and experiences. As an analyst, you can expect to go from the manufacturing floor to the executive boardroom in the same afternoon. You can expect to always keep a pair of steel-toed boots in the trunk of your car for a quick change between clients.

And most importantly, you can expect to step up to the plate when opportunity calls.

This summer, we hosted the most involved analyst class yet. Some of them were committed to one client the entire time, and others had three or more projects to focus on.

How do we celebrate the hard work of our analysts? At the end of every semester, we hold an “Analyst Report-Out,” where the team comes together to catch up, eat some food, and see the phenomenal work that our analysts have accomplished. Take a look below to get a snapshot of what our analysts accomplished this semester.


Abby Hinson

College: The Ohio State University – Accounting

Industries Served: Manufacturing, chemical, private equity, non-profit

Hard Skills Learned: Time studies, process mapping

“I learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, how to seek feedback frequently, and how to be flexible”


Kelsey Sucher

College: University of Cincinnati – Operations Management

Industries Served: Manufacturing

Hard Skills Learned: Capacity analysis, line balancing, cost per unit reduction

“Trust from the client is essential, don’t get lost in the sprint, and keep the client from depending too much on AMEND”


Bo Vitale

College: University of Cincinnati – Operations Management

Industries Served: Manufacturing, non-profit

Hard Skills Learned: Power BI, operations, cost savings

“Always embrace getting to know the workers at client sites. Building trust is key.”


Brandon Lester

College: University of Cincinnati – Industrial Management

Industries Served: Manufacturing, non-profit, marketing CPG

Hard Skills Learned: Data wrangling, order ranking and batching, optimization modeling, process mapping

“Communicate effectively towards your audience and always consider the bigger picture.”

Cameron Cofskey

College: University of Cincinnati – Engineering/Industrial Management

Industries Served: Chemical

Hard Skills Learned: Software selection/vetting, data visualization, value stream mapping

“Drive the future, deliver confidence, and dream big.”


Malcolm Cartwright

College: The Ohio State University – Industrial Engineering

Industries Served: Manufacturing, real estate, non-profit

Hard Skills Learned: Power BI

“Ask for the ‘why’ often and immerse yourself in the process in order to truly learn.”


Ruby Cimmarusti

College: University of Cincinnati – Marketing, Business Analytics

Industries served: Technical platform services, manufacturing, non-profit, AMEND marketing

Hard Skills Learned: Data analytics, content creation

“Be proactive with your work, know yourself and others, and don’t doubt your worth.”


Joe Ratterman

College: University of Cincinnati – Accounting, Operations Management

Industries Served: Manufacturing

Hard Skills Learned: Process mapping, data collection, job costing, Power BI, VBA skills

“Focus on communicating with people in a way that works best for them. Always see the big picture and focus on making decisions that will drive the most impact.”

Spencer Niehaus

College: University of Cincinnati – Finance

Industries Served: Manufacturing

Hard Skills Learned: People management, technical understanding

“Be confident and trust yourself.”

Our analysts grew tremendously during our busiest season ever, with each person bringing a new perspective and talent to our business.

Looking for a fast-paced and dynamic work environment? Reach out to us! Our team would be happy to sit down with you and discuss AMEND.

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