Management Consulting: A Snapshot of What We Do

Our mission is to help our clients achieve the impossible. We love to dive into the problems that can’t be solved -- the challenges that are too big to tackle -- because that's where real growth and transformation occurs. Take a look at what our team can do:


Analytics & Business Intelligence

Business transformation and industry disruption require leveraging information and technology to make efficient decisions. AMEND partners with your business to understand the What, Why, and So What of your organization's data.

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Digital Transformation & Technology

In the digital world, the biggest risk is embracing the status quo. Companies that are properly adopting digital transformation are seeing triple-digit returns on their investments.

See how we've implemented digital strategies, without disrupting the day-to-day operations.

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Advanced OpEx

We start with the basics -- getting your people, processes, and metrics on track to achieve operational excellence.

Once we've tackled the core issues and have created a foundation, we look to bring you to the next level. Our Advanced OpEx practice grows with your organization.

Our team can implement anywhere from one machine reporting dashboard, to a complete IoT manufacturing transformation.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Our analytics-backed approach finds instant value-adds for your supply chain ecosystem. We examine every component of your supply chain process to identify and implement cost-saving initiatives.

Utilize the power of your transportation, warehouse, inventory, and product flow to unlock a best-in-class supply chain.

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Training & Development

We use more than 150 tools to deliver results for our clients. As business consultants who see the full picture, we want to be the reason you never need us to solve a specific problem again.

We leverage training, teaching, and knowledge transfers to ensure sustainable improvement. We even use the same training to develop our own team members.

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Private Equity & Business Turnaround

Preparing a business for sale is daunting, and it's typically more challenging than expected. AMEND accelerates EBITDA growth and creates sustainable processes that result in incremental enterprise value turns.

Our clients consistently see an 8x or higher ROI when engaging AMEND ahead of a business transaction. These results are particularly true in late-stage investments.

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