Analytics & Business Intelligence

Business transformation and industry disruption require leveraging information and technology to make efficient decisions. AMEND partners with your business to understand the What, Why, and So What of your organization's data.


Reporting & Business Intelligence

Our BI solutions bring live information into the hands of key decision-makers. Setting a strategy? We customize our BI solutions to fit your performance-driving KPIs. Thinking tactically? Monitor your business in real-time, whether it be your sales performance or machine downtime.

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Predictive Analytics, Insights, & Tools

Are you reactive in your decision making?Now is the time to become proactive.

Forward-looking predictive and prescriptive analytics can uncover insights that explain how your business operates.

Our world-class data scientists clearly explain predictive insights and incorporate them into company strategy.

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Training & Adoption

We want to be the reason you do not need us anymore. Training is critical to adoption. Tools are useless if your team can’t use them, so we ensure a seamless handoff with every analytics project.

We apply the same techniques when we teach courses at the University of Cincinnati - Center for Business Analytics.

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Sensitivity analysis, scenario planning, job costing, margin component analysis, commodity projections, lifetime value, basket analysis, and more.


Job shop, promotional, logistics, delivery batching, and more.


Demand forecasting, machine learning, customer retention, market drivers, simulation testing, migration, predictive maintenance, natural language processing, and more.

Business Intelligence

Sales analysis, marketing effectiveness, inventory management, Price/Volume/Mix/Cost analysis, quote/estimation tools, machine downtime analysis, performance tracking, executive dashboards, and more.

AMEND Analytics Output

Every AMEND Analytics project has three main deliverables:


Tools provided are tangible ways to view, interact with, and test scenarios on your data. Tools include business intelligence, automated reporting, what-if scenario planning, UI/UX, optimized scheduling output and more.



We take "report outs" to the next level. Each analytics project unearths insights that tell the story of where the business has been, what it is like now, and where it is headed. We share these insights clearly, including recommendations where opportunities exists.



Tired of tedious manual processes? We build mathematical models and data-updating scripts that automatically run in the background to power tools and expedite decision-making.

Common Industries Served

Analytics & BI Case Studies


Printing a Pathway to Sustainable Growth

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Opening the Door to Automated Scheduling

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Breaking Assumptions: Building a Customer Retention Model

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Creating Cross-Functional Communication Using BI

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