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Step into AI Inventory Management with TORI

Driven by AI. Perfected by AMEND.

Introducing TORI - your dedicated AI tool designed to fine-tune inventory levels seamlessly.

Consistently Spot Excess

On average, businesses carry 20-30% more inventory than needed. TORI identifies and eliminates the excess, ensuring lean operations.

Imagine the Possibilities

Free up capital, enhance cash flow, and boost operational efficiency. What could your business achieve with up to 30% less inventory?

The TORI Difference

Move past your competitors and save time with TORI.

Artificial Intelligence Solution

Remove the guesswork from setting your safety stock & reorder points. TORI uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to set the stocking strategy that fit's your SKU's demand patterns.

Get Your Time Back

Spend your time making decisions, not flipping between spreadsheets! TORI saves you & your team time from time-wasting activities like data extraction & excel manipulation.

Direct ERP Integration

Our team works with you to set up data pipelines, automating the entire process of setting your target inventory levels. Keep your stocking strategy accurate and up to date!

Inventory Management Pain Points

If your business faces any of the following challenges in your daily operations, know that you're not the only one. TORI was designed with you in mind, to address these specific pain points and streamline your inventory processes.

TORI Transformation: Boosting ROI, Reducing Stockouts

Post-COVID, a leading tool & equipment supplier valued at $100M adopted a "stock-up-on-everything" approach. This led to excessive inventory levels, which not only inflated their stocks, but also resulted in an imbalanced inventory mix.

This company came to us with the primary goal of establishing optimal inventory levels by eliminating surplus stocks and replenishing items that were missing sales. A secondary objective was to streamline processes and minimize manual efforts in reviewing data for inventory decision-making.

25% Inventory Reduction

We optimized inventory levels to achieve a significant 25% cut in on-hand inventory within a 6-month period.


54% Decrease in Stockouts

Within just 3 months, we reduced stockout occurrences by over half, ensuring better product availability.


$180K Yearly Interest Savings

By optimizing inventory levels, we reduced holding costs, translating to an annual savings of $180,000. This strategic change ensures a consistent return on investment.

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