How We Work

Every project is different. We do not plug a "one-size fits all" method into your business because we know that's not how true transformation happens. Wherever you are in your journey, we open unimaginable areas of opportunity.

The AMEND Work Process

At AMEND, we know the value of partnering with you at any stage of your journey.

AMEND Consulting
  1. Assessment

    Est. Timeline: 2-6 Weeks

    When we assess the overall health of your organization, we make sure we are aligned with your strategic goals. We dive into your systems and interact with your people to develop themes and opportunities for the future.

    Assessments provide an immediate ROI, while identifying crucial next steps your organization can take to grow.

    Project Examples: Whole-Company Assessment, Transformation Roadmap, Technical Assessment

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  2. Quick Wins

    Est. Timeline: 1-3 Months

    After assessing your organization's health, we begin to implement targeted cost-saving measures or execute strategic initiatives with quick turnarounds.

    Our Quick Wins directly add a return to your bottom line while building a framework for success in your business.

    Project Examples: Process Improvement, Business Process Automation, Pricing Analytics, BI/Reporting Tools

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AMEND Consulting

  1. Big Wins

    Our Big Wins phase creates stable, sustainable processes to positively impact your entire organization.

    These initiatives follow a longer-term vision with high bang-for-your-buck ROIand can reshape the way your organization runs.

    Project Examples: Scheduling Optimization, Advanced Forecasting, Organizational Restructuring, Maximizing EBITDA

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  2. Future-state Partnership

    As your business grows and our initiatives come to fruition, we work with your leadership team to enable further opportunities.

    We implement multiple projects affecting every aspect of your strategic vision.

    Project Examples: Digital Transformation, Business Turnaround, Industry Disruption

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Business Insights

Want to learn more about how we drive success in organizations? Check out some of our insights.


AMEND Assessments

A tactical approach to learn about your business.

Predictive Analytics

Using the power of analytics to drive results.

Business Intelligence

Unlock focused decision-making in your business.

Operational Excellence

People + Process + Systems = Transformation.

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