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We want the best for you -- in your professional AND personal life. We're committed to building a flexible work environment that works with your needs, while still driving results for our clients. Ready to embark on the next chapter of your life?

I. The Three AMEND Paths

We're looking for people who have a polished hard skill, high-achievers that can interact with clients, or a mix of both people.

I. Data Nerd

Technical Skillset

Data nerds have at least one hard skillset, whether that be data analysis, operations management, or project management. We start with your specialization, then build on your strengths and weaknesses. While every AMEND team member has a unique skillset, and no individual is put in a box, we are currently looking for individuals with specific hard skills to take on the following roles:

ETL Data Architect

ETL Data Architects believe that the more data you have, the more gold you have; the more linked data across systems, the bigger the goldmine to pull from. They are driven and bothered by inefficient processes and has a passion for making things easier on end users with a knack for making both systems and people work better together.

Data Warehouse Engineer

Data Warehouse Engineers are steadfast and firm in believing that data will (or already does) drive the world. They are responsible for creation of data warehouses/databases, both on-prem and cloud-based solutions for clients, including working with other team members to design, implement, and support end-to-end data solutions across multiple platforms and environments to support data analysis initiatives.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists believe in aiding clients with the "so what" of data-driven decision making. They create predictive and prescriptive models with the intent to aid clients in optimizing profit (price, cost, targeting, acquisition and retention), scheduling (labor, logistics and production) and forecasting.

Business Intelligence Consultant

BI Consultants are experts in conveying data to clients in the most consumable manner possible in order to drive strategic decision-making. They design, develop, and implement data visualizations and reporting package functionality inside of the BI Reporting tool, delivering audience training and adoption methods and materials.

Python ETL Developer

II. Management Consultant

Technical Skillset

Consultant roles are client-facing, and team members must be able to manage client project expectations and perform at a high-level on project report outs.

Internal Account Management

Consultants must manage billing time, budget, deliverables, and capacity to meet client objectives and to hit AMEND's goals.

Sales & Growth Mindset

Consultant team members are salespeople, acting as a catalyst for new work. Along with client work, our team members must be able to act as ambassadors for AMEND.

III. Hybrid

Technical Skillset + Management Consulting

Have a strong technical skillset, but also like to be in a client-facing role? You'd fit in as an AMEND hybrid.


Every project is different. Really. Our team has to be able to adapt to the problem-scope, and then reverse engineer the solution so that it fits the client's needs.


AMEND is not bound to one industry -- we welcome problem-solving opportunities from sports analytics to chemical manufacturing.


Your skillset must be able to adapt to our client's needs, regardless of current systems, historical data, or infrastructure.

Who are we looking for?

Bright business and engineering minds that are looking to jump in and solve problems. A-players who are willing to push their limits and attack challenges head-on. People who exhibit the following characteristics:



Agile Learning Abilities


"Figure-it-Out" Mentality


II. AMEND Culture

What do we bring to the table?

Imagine bringing the most talent-dense group in the universe together. Now imagine the rush of everything you can accomplish working alongside this amazing team.

"Cone" Hierarchy

To advance in a traditional org structure, employees typically have to wait until someone leaves or is promoted. Not at AMEND. Our team members bring specialized value and skillset to AMEND -- their "cone" -- and there is no cap to how fast you can grow in our company. Just ask Matt Murphy who made Partner at age 24.


Our team is incredibly talented, and we're at your disposal when you need help. But when you're working on a solution, we won't be breathing down your neck. Our anti-micromanagement process is focused on getting quality work to our clients as efficiently as possible.

Breaking the Traditional "Handbook"

We don’t believe in strict policies. You won’t find “time off request forms,” you’ll find a team working to help support you. We want to work together and work with what’s best for you. Want to travel the world? Go ahead. Need to recharge? We've got you covered.

Build Your Schedule Around Success

At a client site, our team is expected to be ingrained in the culture and work collaboratively. Outside of our client requirements, you're free to build your schedule around what works for you. Need a more flexible work location? Our team works from home, in our office, coffee shops, and everything in between.

Day One Responsibility

Hit the ground running. We'll get you set up with our internal processes and then you're off to make a difference! There's no "put in your time, then you can make a difference" here. As soon as you wear the AMEND emblem on your shirt, you're as much of a team player as the founders.

Team Mindset, Individual Drive

We're not afraid to say that AMEND houses some of the most talented individuals in the world. Our team has a wealth of knowledge to tap into. We positively use our competitive nature to fuel growth and collaboration.

Culture of Giving

At AMEND, we give back to our community in three ways: time, talent, and treasure. We want to know how we can help a cause you're passionate about.


Giving back your time is the fundamental root of helping your community. At AMEND, we frequently give back our time, such as at our yearly Habitat for Humanity project.

Learn More


Think you can use your talents for good? We'd love to be a part of the journey. Many of our team members sit on non-profit boards and advocate for organizations they are passionate about.

Learn More


We multiply the impact of your giving through a 3-to-1 charitable donation match. Your passions are our passions, and we want to support them as best as possible.

Project Performance System

At AMEND, we have a standardized process for evaluating project successes & results. You will conduct well-timed, well-prepared discussions with expert-level internal coaches to assess the health of your projects.

Coaches will listen, guide, provoke and challenge you to ensure continued positive client outcomes while increasing your personal mastery and skills.

Individual Development Plan

Every six months, we sit down with you to discuss your well-being, brainstorm your career development, and work to craft the right experience for you. The purpose of our IDP process is to help you create your ideal future, whether that's at AMEND or elsewhere. We want to champion your success at AMEND and provide a springboard for your future endeavors.

In addition to our IDP process, we also train our team on self-awareness and situational-awareness through the DISC & Enneagram assessments.


What types of projects will you be working on?

You can expect multiple projects spanning a wide range of industries.

Videos: Working at AMEND

Want someone else's perspective on our work? Take a look at what a typical "Day in the Life" at AMEND looks like. 


A Day in the Life: Data Scientist


Recent Projects: A Look at Consulting

IV. Benefits & Coverage

Retirement Savings

Employees receive, at minimum, an annual employer 401k contribution of 3% of their salary.

Paid Family Leave

Maternity and paternity coverage for both natural-born and adopted children.

Healthcare Benefits

Medical, Dental and Disability insurance are 90% covered by AMEND.

Paid Time Off

Open flex-time vacation gives you control over your time off. Plus, enjoy time off for major holidays, your birthday, and volunteering opportunities.

Wellness Program

All employees are able to participate in our wellness program to promote health and fitness within the team.

Laptop & Phone

All employees get a new phone, service plan, and state-of-the-art laptop.


Volleyball, paddleball, basketball, and more. We're even the 50West Brewery 2019 Spring League Volleyball Champions.

State-of-the-Art Coffee Machine

Consultants thrive on coffee. Get a cup of fresh-ground joe every morning (or afternoon).

3:1 Charity Match

Passionate about a cause? Then so are we. Any personal donation you give to a charitable organization, we'll match by 3x.

Let's Build Our Future Together

We believe that every team member has the right to build wealth for themselves and their families. AMEND employees have the opportunity to invest in our partner companies through AMEND Ventures, our sweat equity firm.



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