AMEND Analyst Program

16-week Development Program in Cincinnati, Ohio. The program is tailored to individuals that want to make a direct difference in the Cincinnati business community through their talents. On Day 1, you'll be engaging with real clients and creating high-impact value alongside our full-time team. Your journey at AMEND will set you up for a lifetime of success.

What do we bring to the table?

A one-of-a-kind experience that will prepare you for whatever life throws at you. Our past analysts have gone on to work at Disney, Google, and other top-tier companies --- others have stayed at AMEND to become a Partner.

Individual Development Program

At AMEND, we believe that people join the team for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. We invest in every person on the team so they can become the best version of themselves.

Through the Individual Development Program, we explore ways to leverage AMEND to double down on people's talents and explore new business ventures. We also explicitly have discussions about how we can help springboard our talent into the next chapter of their career, whether that is pursuing higher education, pivoting into a new career, or anything in between.

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Unique Work Environment

At AMEND, you won't be placed in a cubicle. You'll work in an array of different locations, whether that be the manufacturing floor, client site, coffee shop, or the AMEND office.

Weekly Analyst Trainings

Each week, a full-time AMEND team member runs a training session on a new topic, giving you exposure to every area of our business. Analyst calls range from topics such as project management, analytics, personal finance, and many others. 

Social Events

Monthly company socials, monthly Skyline lunches, intramurals, and more! Connecting with our team is a priority.



DISC Training

To work well with a team, you have to know yourself. Our DISC training will teach you how to identify characteristics in yourself and others so that you can better collaborate as a team. 

Cohort + Case Study Model

In addition to their project work with the rest of the AMEND team, each analyst cohort will work together on a semester-long case study to help a real client solve their problems. Within your analyst class, you'll meet friends and colleagues for life.

Project Flexibility

We're not going to put you on one project and ship you off to a client site for a semester. You'll have the ability to work on multiple projects spanning a variety of teams at AMEND. Through this process, you'll gain knowledge of multiple industries and practices.

What types of projects will you be working on?

AMEND offers a project-based experience where you will have the opportunity to make substantial impacts with our clients. Some analysts have one project the entire semester, others have upwards of four concurrent projects.

The Analyst Experience: Videos

Want someone else's perspective on our analyst program? Take a look at our past analyst group's semester with AMEND.


Analysts - First Week

Learn more in a week than most do in a semester. 

Analysts - Lessons Learned

Accomplishments, skills, and lessons learned.

Who are we looking for?

Bright business and engineering minds that are looking to jump in and solve problems. A-players who are willing to push their limits and attack challenges head-on. People who exhibit the following characteristics:



Agile Learning Abilities


"Figure-it-Out" Mentality

Culture Fit

"These last four months have been the most informative, transformative, and educational of my life. My time as an Analyst has allowed me to gain insights from experts across the business of AMEND - with the provided time to soak it all in. It was the perfect way to jump into the world of consulting."
Adam Seal

Analyst, Spring 2021

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AMEND - Analyst Program Application

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