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We partner with you at any stage of the operational excellence journey. Our Advanced OpEx practice executes process automation, human capital investment, and organizational growth using data-driven decisions.

AMEND OpEx Process

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  1. Customized Operations Assessment

    We head straight to the production floor to understand your people, processes, and systems. We make sure we get to the core of the problem by analyzing your data and identifying opportunities that exist. Our assessments typically include everything from examining high-level strategy to interviewing shop floor employees.

    Together, we build a roadmap that illustrates opportunities with the highest ROI backed by financial analysis.

  2. Implementation

    Instead of just formulating recommendations, we roll up our sleeves to make sure implementations are successful and that financial gains are realized.

    Implementation ranges anywhere from deploying process improvements to creating automated tools aimed at eliminating waste or creating capacity.

  3. Sustainability

    To ensure sustainability, we put an immense focus on making sure our work sticks. Our approach includes one-on-one training, formalized documentation of new OpEx processes, tools, and systems. We then schedule strategic audits to ensure any OpEx process improvements haven't slipped.

The AMEND Approach - See the benefits of a partnership

Project Snapshots

Lean Manufacturing

Process mapping, time studies, pull scheduling, SMED, spaghetti diagram, kaizen (continuous improvement), six sigma, 5s, standard work, takt time analysis, bottleneck analysis, and more.

Metric System Integration

Automated OEE, IoT, Root-Cause Analysis, KPI deployment & analysis, measurement systems analysis, reporting, workflow management tools, and more.

Radical Cost Savings

Financial analysis, purchasing analysis, overhead reduction, indirect and direct labor cost controlling, facilities consolidation, utilities spend, pricing, and more.

Strategic Operations Management

Acquisition integration, consolidation efforts, scalable growth, strategic advisory, EBITDA expansion, and more.



Lead Time Reduction

This plastics manufacturer needed to reduce growing lead times and improve on-time shipments.

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Throughput Increase

This company was experiencing a 20% decrease in demand and felt it was time to analyze productivity and labor spend on one of its most innovative product lines.

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Backorder Elimination

This company needed to reduce backorder so that they could take back control of the operations on the production line.

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AMEND Differentiators

We utilize three key strategies to deliver efficient, sustainable results:

Data-driven Resources

Every insight and project we provide is backed by our cutting-edge in-house analytics team. All of our recommendations, insights, and objectives are backed by real numbers, not whimsical assumptions.

Customized Scalable Solutions

There is rarely a "plug-and-chug" solution in operations. We come to the table open-minded and ready to throw our best talent alongside your team to develop a customized solution that scales.

Cross-functional Implementation

We create sustainability by integrating buy-in across your entire organization. We then work with your leadership team to ensure that we're working together towards the same goals, not in silos. 

Common Industries Served

Advanced OpEx Case Studies


Printing a Pathway to Sustainable Growth

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Opening the Door to Automated Scheduling

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