Late-Stage Private Equity & Business Turnaround

We have an entire team to tackle your problems to fit the right solution for your turnaround. Our deep-rooted business knowledge, paired with our cutting-edge adoption of technology, allows us to apply the right solutions to your problem.


  1. Full-business Assessment

    We start with our AMEND assessment to gain an understanding of your business and how it operates. Our impact on valuation is examined for all recommendations, with typical results in 4-6 weeks.

  2. Team Mindset

    We can deploy a team as opposed to one single individual which allows us to touch every department and create a unified outcome. We focus on every facet of the business while dialing in on the elements that have the biggest ROI.

Preparing to sell?

AMEND drives value to the bottom-line with a focus on increasing EBITDA. Our clients have seen up to a $14 million increase in enterprise value from working with our team before putting their business on the market.

Have a new investment?

For Private Equity firms looking to turn the business around, we can build a strategy with your firm to quickly unlock the strategic initiatives within your pro forma.

Need help with due diligence?

Looking for guidance on whether or not you should invest in a company? Our team can rapidly develop a full-business assessment that assesses the systems, people, processes, and finances in an organization.


Throughput Increase

(within 90 days)


Elimination of Backlog

(within 60 days)

$14 Million

Sustainable Enterprise Value Created

Project Snapshots


Training, organizational roles & responsibilities, sales and sales management, balanced scorecard reporting, and more.


Quality of earnings can be significantly impacted by the level of technological sophistication. We assess your organization's technology infrastructure to build an actionable roadmap that will create significant enterprise value.


Deployment of quality systems, operational improvements, capacity creation, EBITDA expansion, and more.

Common Industries Served

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Driving Enterprise Value Pre-Transaction

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