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Training & Development Programs

We provide training solutions that are uniquely-tailored for your organization. We understand that training is more than just teaching your employees to do their job better. It’s about engaging them with your company and showing them they matter through that engagement and investment.


Leadership Development

If you grow, your team will grow. Re-prioritize your learning and growth to drive change in your organization. 

Our leadership sessions are designed to facilitate communication in the workplace, improve understanding between managers and employees, and foster good working relationships among coworkers. With workplace relationships in mind, we offer strategies for working with, leading, managing, and coaching others.

Examples: DISC assessment, Managing Up, Myers-Briggs, & more

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Operational Excellence

Let's get it right the first time. Our custom, robust training focuses on getting your team up to speed so they can be as productive as possible.

Our offerings range from hosting one-day training sessions to developing comprehensive sustainable training programs for your organization.

Our OpEx training programs can focus on topics like reducing quality incidents, improving safety, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving bottom-line results.

Examples: Lean Six Sigma, Quality Management, Supply Chain, Safety Training, Crucial Conversations, Certification Process, & more

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Analytics & Technology

Our Analytics & Technology sessions are centered on improving your team’s ability to evaluate and analyze your company data. We give your employees the ability to convert data into insights to make key decisions while minimizing risks.

Our team has taught courses at MIT, University of Cincinnati, and The Ohio State University, to name a few. We apply the same training methodology for our external classes, internal team, and client teams.

Examples: Microsoft Power BI, Data Analytics, SQL, Schedule Optimization, & more

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Customized Training

We develop our training programs based on the need, not based on what's easiest for our team. Never used Microsft Power BI? No problem. Our entry-level training courses build a foundation for your team to grow. Already an expert and looking to expand your skillset? We'll cut to the chase and only give you the training you need to get to the next level.

Sustainable Learning

With all of our training, we want to be the reason you don't need us anymore. We give you all the information to be successful so we can move on to helping you solve another problem. Our organization-based sessions ensure that your team isn't running back to us in a month to get retrained.


At AMEND, we're tool-agnostic -- we're not bound to one program or software in our work. Over the years, we've developed cross-functional skills in many programming languages, tools, and software. As your team's capabilities expand, let us bridge the gap to ensure a smooth transition.

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AMEND Analytics Team Teaches BI at UC Analytics Summit


Analytics Unleashes Focus, Speed, and Downtime Reduction

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