Meet Paul

Paul Bessire has been in predictive analytics for 15+ years. He has used data and technology to become one of the world’s foremost authorities at predicting sports and is now focused on doing the same with other industries.

Paul is currently the VP of Advanced Analytics at AMEND Consulting locally where he and team help middle-market clients – and some sports teams like the Cincinnati Reds and University of Cincinnati athletics – make more efficient decisions using data.

Previous to AMEND, he worked for Western& Southern and FoxSports and founded and exited his own company, Prediction Machine, which simulated real-time outcomes of over 100,000 events a year across over 100 leagues in seven different sports.


University Cincinnati, B.B.A., Finance and Quantitative Analytics (2000-2004)

University Cincinnati, M.S.Q.A., Quantitative Analytics (2004-2005)


Being the best at everything, humility.


Trivia, sports (playing, predicting, fantasy), travel, beer, poker, hanging with his daughter Hendrix

Fun Fact

He once drank a gallon of pickle juice all at once. His advice: don’t.


“While I enjoyed independent consulting, I felt a personal need to join a team. AMEND presents an amazing opportunity to do that while working with and learning from an incredibly talented, passionate and energized group of individuals making a real difference on the businesses and people we help.”

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